Sunday, June 01, 2008

If I Could Be a Travel Agent, Some Folks Would Get Free Trips to New Orleans....

So, here I am thinking, on a beautiful sunny Sunday before I leave for the Mets - Dodgers Game (8pm) if I were a travel agent, what would I do that would most benefit the .... METS.

Well, I just did a check and the flights from LaGuardia to New Orleans start at $323 and go to $583.

The departure date is June 2, and the return is November 1.

Here is the flight list:

Aaron Heilman
Carlos Delgado
Mike Pelfrey
and, Maybe, Carlos Beltran (who needs to hustle more and show a good attitude.

This would be a carry your own luggage and make your own agenda when you hit the Big Easy.

OK, now that's out of the way, Let's Go Mets! Santana, I am looking forward to a dazzling performance. (And, I don't have to hear Joe Morgan tonight!)

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