Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day - 2008

It's late as I write this. My son has been hospitalized for a few days and while I wanted to begin regular blogging in the pre-season, a few priorities took precedence.

So, the Mets throw a W on the board on this day, March 31. You know, having opening day in March is kind of like getting a bigger refund from the taxman than you anticipated -- or putting in for a random day off weeks in advance for work -- and it turns out sunny and clear skies. Simply the best.

Johan put some nice numbers up and I am confident it will continue. From a Fantasy baseball perspective, I have Wright, Reyes and Beltran along with Santana, Maine and Ollie Perez -- NOT on the same team, though I wish. All scattered over a few.

Well, my wife told me that after I left the hospital tonight (we had the replay of the game on), my son sat intently and watched the Mets win over the Marlins 7-2 -- with his Teddy Bear next to him.

I hope to capture that image 161 more times during the regular season and a few more in the playoffs and world series. Long live Shea.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alou Out With Hernia - Will Bonds Be LEFT for Heavy Lifting?

I saw this a few minutes ago and it startled and floored me. I play Fantasy Baseball in the ESPN and Yahoo leagues. As a lark, I saw Barry Bond's name and there was news upon clicking the icon.

Dated March 21 it read:

Speaking on WFAN-660 Radio Friday, GM Omar Minaya wouldn't definitively rule out signing Bonds, but said "right now" he is happy with the guys he has.
Spin: That "right now" leaves a small window open for Minaya to possibly sign Bonds down the road if Moises Alou is out longer than expected and Angel Pagan's fine spring does not carry over to the season. That being said, Bonds joining the Mets down the road seems like a big long shot.

This would absolutely be preposterous. I don't want to hear any more about Bonds. Period. He is a pariah no matter how big he gets - HE GETS HUGE (interesting, to shorten that, you can say HGH!).

Almighty Omar - we implore you to look elsewhere for a left fielder...AAA!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Pinching Myself - I Got A Ticket to the Closing Game at Shea

Ever since I was a child -- and those in the know, still say I am -- I have been a Mets fan. I was too young and not around to see them play in the Polo Grounds, but always considered my second home to be Shea Stadium.

So, the finality is starting to hit, even though the season hasn't opened that this will be Shea Stadium's swan song. So hard to believe. Remember the days when the big orange and blue squares adorned the outside? God, I miss that.

There has been a lot of talk about the final tickets going for thousands of dollars. If I was a millionaire, I'd think nothing of it. But, sadly, I am not. I settled for the next best thing, a 13 game Sunday package which guaranteed me a place to park my ass on September 28. Though it is high up in the upper reserved section, I will be there to take in the sites and the game and to take a ton of pix (Note to self, buy a 4GB SD card -- No, TWO!) and maybe I will bring a plastic bag and scoop up some dirt as a momento.

Yes. I am a die hard fan.

But, a friend pointed out to me to be not so poignant - he said there will be playoffs and World Series Games in October. I know he's right.

What does this mean for 2009? Well, 10000 less folks to make a sellout. But this is akin to the salmon swimming against the tide. The Mets are on a riptide winning streak and we need MORE seats, not less.

I do know one thing. I will be at Shea, CitiField and wherever the Mets will play. See, before I mentioned I was not rich. But, I am a blue blood. With some orange mixed in.