Saturday, May 31, 2008

Palpitations -- But The Mets Won!

Watching Mike Pelfrey just does odd things to me. You never know what the kid is going to do. He has a great delivery, but gets flustered so easily.

The image of the left was a stress test that reflects my reaction to each of his pitches.

Glad the Mets came out of the game well today. They were able to hold off potential base runners and kept the speedy Juan Pierre off the base stealing efforts.

Tomorrow night, Sunday, I am heading to the ESPN game. First time I get to see Santana pitch. I never have luck seeing the top Mets pitchers hurl. In the early 90s, I always wound up with a Wally Whitehurst or Sid Fernandez. As of late, it has either been Pelfrey, Perez or Figueroa.

Here's the box score for posterity (translation, so Pelfrey's mom can read it). Interesting note I forgot to mention a few days ago...Duaner Sanchez, who won the other day, had a rare opportunity to bat. It amazed me how much hustle he had as he ran to first base

Friday, May 30, 2008

Quick Lesson in Translation...

Ok, so, how do you say "put in a crappy pitcher that gives up 4 hits, 4 runs, loses the game, loses the lead and doesn't even get a batter out."
Alas, it can be summed up in two words: Aaron Heilman.
I have 9 credits in philosophy, 3 in psychology and combining both, I cannot figure out why Willie Randolph keeps using him, and when he does, why does he leave him in so long?
Let's put it in barbecue terms, he should be taken out when rare, not well done and burnt.
For those of you who have the fortitude and won't get squeamish, here is the Box score from the Dodgers win over the Mets.
In another Ironic move, Chan Ho Park, who appeared in one game as a Met in 2007 (of course, that was the game I went to where he had a spot start and tanked) is back with his former club (L.A.) and beat the Mets.
So, how will I sleep tonight? Maybe better, Maybe worse. If I am asleep, I will be doing an imitation of Carlos Delgado at the plate and at first.
Footnote: It WAS nice to see the Mets come back from a 3 run opening deficit. This kid on the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw, looks like he has a bright future.
'Till tomorrow.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Three In A Row...

Short post tonight.

A good feeling to see the Mets win 3 straight. Being Italian, we have a semi-superstition that things come in 3s. Concrete proof: Moe, Larry and Curly.

Mets played with enthusiasm and their heads in the game. Chavez throws the speedy Pierre out at the dish. Let's hope this is the turnaround.

Stock markets go through corrections and rebound. It's the Amazin's turn now.

Note to Joe Torre...Mets got a little better since you managed em!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Nice Hustle

Prior to the 8th inning tonight, I really didn't have a topic in mind. It was a bit tough to come up with a solid point, but I have to say, after that, there was, as Keith Hernandez just said, "competitive fire"

After seeing a stat that said the Mets were 1-19 after being behind in the 6th inning, I felt a low esteem and thinking another L would come, but the Amazin's turned it around. Heilman got 6 straight outs - including striking out the side. Endy hit a game tying HR on an 0-2 count, and Fernando Tatis is finding his groove with a game winning hit.

Ahhhhh....let's get the ball rolling again

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hold The Lead - Don't Bleed

Mets played some sensible ball tonight. Something that has been last seen when an Italian helmed the Vatican (or so it seems).

Reyes kept the streak alive - something like 12 games with a hit, and the team held on to a lead and didn't squander it.

A friend of mine said that Beltran lacks the hustle and this seems to be cascading to the other players.

Let's ponder a thought here...Church comes back (no Vatican jokes, I already made a lame attempt at one and didn't hear you chuckle) to right field. Keep Beltran in center **SIGH** and platoon Tatis and Evans in left. We really don't feel Alou will have much of an impact.

For what its worth, has anyone notices with the over 4 decade crowd (or close), Hernandez, Alou, Pedro - when they were healthy last year, the team played well. This year, they are on the DL and the team is tanking. Life DOES begin at 40.

I am hoping this game is a turning point. Deep down, I know it is.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Losing 7 of 8 - Willie Keeps His Job...A Few Observations (and Groans)

The drumbeat for Willie Randolph must have been at an unexpected cadence for him as he met with the brass behind doors tighter than Fort Knox on this Memorial Day. I personally like Willie and think he's a good manager. But he needs to get the players fired up. Had he lost his job today, it would have been a bit of irony as we would have remembered the fallen.

Today's game was a washout (I probably used that line before in a post), but the good news is that Reyes' bat came alive, 2 solo HRs. One thing that has been missing from Jose this year is the coveted triple. Though he has 5, and ESPN projects 17, they seem to be few and far between.

  • Just a side note, it seems to me, save for the bonehead play where he got picked off, Hanley Ramirez 2008 is Jose Reyes 2007. On the board, making great plays, offensively and defensively. Jose needs to step it up a notch to recapture that else he will be the next Rey Ordonez. (So many Mets shortstops were billed as the next greatest. I am still awaiting Rafael Santana to walk on water).
  • One thing that surprised the hell (yes, I can say Hell, its my blog) Aaron Heilman pitched and didn't allow any runs and just 1 hit in 2 innings.
  • Sad News - Geremi Gonzalez, a Met who pitched in three games died in his native country of Venezuela after he was struck by lightning. R.I.P. Geremi, you are one of us Mets for eternity.
  • Perhaps with all the turmoil going on, former Mets manager of the mid to late 1960s, Wes Westrum once said, "Baseball is like church. Many attend but few understand."
  • One interesting stat, no Met ever hit three home runs in a game at Shea.
  • This Sunday, June 1, I will be doing a "double header" - riding 45 miles in the am for a bike rally, then showering (of course!) and getting to Shea to see Johan Santana pitch.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Change in Regime Coming?

I didn't see much of the game today, but heard a little on the radio. What I did see was enough to convince me that the root, cog, hub, whatever word you want to use, is Carlos Delgado. He just does not hustle to the base and he just is plain bad at first base. There is just no OOMPH in him, and as a perceived team leader, this seems to permeate throughout the team.

So, because of this, Willie Randolph is on the hot seat. I don't know if he will be fired. I think he should stay and the bad apples should go. Players like Church, Schnieder and newly minted Nick Evans seem to be fresh, enthusiastic blood for the team and if we get a first baseman that can play baseball (and also stand when we play God Bless America -- Interjection here - when Delgado said in the beginning he would not stand for this song, I knew there was a bit of a 'tude.

If Willie does get fired, I say we clone The Ole Perfesser. "Can't anybody here play this game?" Casey was a prognosticator and must have been looking ahead at 2008.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can We Clone Nick Evans?

What a day! Nick Evans, just called up from the farm, looking like a boyish Jerry Seinfeld, swung a mean stick. Collecting three doubles and two RBI. Let's just say he led by example, showed up the team and got them fired up.

You know, with the DL summoning many a Met these days (Marlon "Pinch Hit a Specialty" Anderson, Moises "Again" Alou, Pedro, El Duque etc...) the new blood - Fernando Tatis included has given the Mets an extra spice that helped them win.

I like Evans. He's a surprise. Looks very confident, shows good patience and judgement at the plate and is very hungry. The night before, he's in Double A Binghamton and then skips a level and literally steps up to the plate. This is the approach the Mets of Yore took -2005, 2006, 1986, 1988 and that especially scrappy 1973 team. The latter foundered most of the year before coming back to roar to the World Series. This is still a goal and it still can be done.

The story on the Mets web site,"Evans makes his mark right away" is a good recap.

Willie Randolph summed it up:

"He hit a bomb in Spring Training off the center-field wall," Randolph recalled on Saturday. "I like his approach -- nice inside-out kind of swing. Usually with young kids, you notice that right away, the way they approach the at-bats. I just saw two or three at-bats at the most and watched him take a little BP.

"He's having a nice little year. We need some help. Guys are getting banged up again. Hopefully, we can get a little feel for what he can help us do, not just now but maybe in the future. He's one of our young prospects. I like young kids, and I like to see what they do."

I see a bright future for him. Go # 6~

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here's A Thought....

Maybe the Mets can go on Oprah and she can do one of her "makeover shows"

At first base, we used to have Carlos Delgado. now we have....

On the mound, we just got rid of all, but kept Maine and Santana...

Now, in the outfield and the bullpen, we did a nip here, a tuck there and sent a few of our subjects to AAA New Orleans...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Priest, A Rabbi a Minister and a Shaman....

Walk into the ballpark. What's the joke? The 9 Men wearing the Mets uniform.

(I'm here all week, don't forget to tip the hostess and wait staff...).

So the Mets were ahead 2-1 in the seventh and the floodgates broke open. Beltran couldn't get to a ball that was hit to his left and that spurred a rally. Santana pitched well, but only 1 K.

4 losses and swept by the Braves, 3 losses to the Nats. Where does the logic start and the insanity end?

Today we hear the Moises Alou is going back on the DL with a strained calf. OK, I like Alou, he's a good hitter and it would have been nice to have him on the Metropolitans when he was younger. Is he going to be our version of Mike Hampton? Someone to keep way past their prime - what will be the value when healed? Is it worth the time? Alou is a proven player, but at this stage of the game, as a pensioner, he should be a DH somewhere.

The obvious question is who/what do you do to replace Alou? Is the outfield ready for Endy Chavez, Beltran and Church? I think someone stronger needs to be out there.

Here are a few I propose that we get via trade. Naturally, Pelfrey, Delgado, Heilmann and Castillo would be on the trading block:

I'd be interested in hearing others who would be an asset...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Gashouse Gorllias vs. The Teetotalers -- OR, Braves vs. Mets

I'm watching the "contest" against the Braves and the bottom of the seventh just ended. Seven batters came to the plate and the score is now 11-2. Not going to tell you who is ahead, but I hope the Mets get an 8th and 9th inning rally going.

After Church gets hit in the temple last night, the pews in Atlanta have been roaring and after being on the ground last night, I am glad he has risen.

But, the mystery remains on why the Mets can't put it together.

Take a look at this 7 minute Bugs Bunny cartoon, Baseball Bugs. It is what the Mets are feeling now.

I'd just love for one of the Mets starters to say "watch me pace this pathetic palooka with a powerful paralyzing pachedermic percussion pitch...."

Ahhhh...see ya tomorrow. Time to hit the showers.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Piazza - No Matter How You Slice It, He Was the Best On The Dish

So, we all heard that Mike Piazza has officially hung up his catcher's mitt (NOT first baseman's mitt as the Mets tried to migrate him 90 feet from his preferred domicile) forever.

I, personally am saddened. Piazza was the sparkler that lit up the Mets when he came here after a week on the beach with the Florida Marlins in '98. I always admired him when he was a Dodger and he really made a big impression with the fans. Back when he first came on the scene in '92, his rookie baseball card was in the high stratosphere of price. Now, you judge a ballplayer by what % he is owned in fantasy leagues.
Piazza was everything Mets.

He brought that level of confidence to the plate and that in turn made all of us cynical Mets fans who endured the 80s, 90s and hot dogs like Bonilla, optimistic.

See article from

The kids admired him. The teens admired him and the adults admired him. He was a player that looked good and always gave it his all.

A very good friend of mine in my former field knew Mike Piazza's dad back in Norristown, PA and told me years ago he knew Mike as a supernice kid.

It's funny, we all know how he was drafted by Tommy Lasorda as a favor to Mike's dad. He went 62 rounds, the 1390th pick overall - and what happens? A Hall of Fame Career. This shows you anything is possible in baseball. Summary of Draft:

Mike, we miss you. Note to Mets - Retire # 31

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Met - Ed Kranepool

Well, somehow the proprietary algorithm picked Edward Emil Kranepool, one of the all-time Mets greats who came up as a teenager and played every game of his career with the Mets.

He still holds many team records and probably will for years to come.

I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was a kid. He came to my baseball camp and gave tips, signed autographs (somewhat reluctantly) and we were all thrilled to see him. I see him patrolling 1st base every time I go to Shea. Some things just stick with you.

I hope many of today's Mets look at Ed as a Beacon -- he is truly what the orange and blue is all about.

Tomorrow, we have a double header against the Braves. Granted, my radio will be on at work.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ship Seems To Be Wrighted

Its midway through the Sunday night game and besides surviving Ollie Perez's scary and unpredictable pitching (Nice K of Abreau and leaving the runner at 3rd...) I am trying to also stomach Joe Morgan. I normally like him but for most Sunday night games, I pay attention to it, then do a few errands...but, man, he can get to you with some of his oddball comments. But I rather hear him than Tim McCarver.

So far the game is going well and the Mets seemed to have found their stride. Playing better ball and confidence seems to be back. We have 3 more innings to go, and Joe Smith is warming up. Let's hope the last place Yanks have trouble hitting side armers.

I'm tapped out for now. Double header on Tues...Can't wait!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beating Your #1 Rival in THEIR House...

I watched with anticipation, trepidation and cautiousness -- and that is just the pregame show -- of today's contest between the Mets and the Yankees.

As mentioned in yesterday's posting, I went to the game and it was called as we got past the turnstiles.

There is an aura of confidence with the team when Santana pitches and I must say, it was a gem despite giving up the HRs. Boys and Girls, this is a known fact that he surrenders many round trippers. I heard since 2001 he is 9th on the active list.

My level of confidence was inflated ten thousand fold when the graphic popped up that said the Yankees were 0-22 when trailing in the seventh inning. (And they call Mariano Rivera "Mr. Automatic." -- Now we can make that 0-23.

Crowds make a game like today and while the novelty of interleague play has worn off (probably in all honesty, circa 1999 - I still love these contests. Bragging rights never go out of style...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Team Meeting = Better Chemistry?

Larry Fine in his article...(no, not THAT Larry Fine- pictured here) said there was a clubhouse meeting amongst the Mets tonight. Game was postponed due to rain. Of course, not more than 30 seconds after gaining entry to Yankee Stadium, my friend received a call from other folks that the game was cancelled.

In any event, the Mets really need a shake-up with the team to get that cohesive gel together.
Article: I wonder if Phil Linz can dust off that old harmonica and give the Mets that much needed morale boost.

I'm remaining a fan through this. I survived the early 90s. This is nothing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harry The Hat had it Right

To sum up the Mets 1-0 loss to the Nats and the worst team takes 3 out of 4 from the Mets...Harry "The Hat" Walker, Manager of the Houston Astros -- Or was it Pilots Manager, Joe Schultz, who used to say, "Now That's What's Wrong With The World Today!" summed it up.

Pelfrey finally had his game on. Mets can't get any ducks to waddle home.

I'm heading to the game Friday night against the Yankees. Gotta buckle up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Loss to the Nationals Ah S***

Take a look at the last word of the title, particularly the greeked out letters.

OK, this is what the Mets need to do - H-I-T -- with some consistency. And PITCH.

Heilman now scares me.

It seems that every reliever gives me the tensions I used to feel when John Franco would come into the game. You KNEW they were going to blow it, but the question was WHEN?

Just peel the band-aid off quickly and the pain is over. Don't rip it slowly.

JOY. Pelfrey is pitching tomorrow. Break out the confidence towels.

Let me end the rant here. I am just plain dumbfounded how things unravel. I used to take middle relief pitching for granted, but it really is the heart of making or breaking the game. For once, I'd like to see it be the "make."


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sosa and Figueroa - Packing the Steamer Trunks

Bon Voyage Jorge and Nelson.

The Mets needed to make a move -- a right move, and this is it. Lately, the bats are alive and the middle relief has been blowing it. Sosa was either lights out (more like candles blown out) when he was on, other times, little leaguers could hit him better than they could a T-Ball.

Duaner was almost a goner after he had two on and was able to get out of the inning. Don't think he's immune.

What puzzles me is the talk about sending down Joe Smith. He's pretty safe and gets the job done. The sidearm motion is one that baffles many a batter.

I plan to talk about sidearmers a little later down the road in a post, but want to emphasize I am all for them. Mets had Chad Bradford, Brad Clontz and a few others in the past.

Nice to see Fernando Tatis come back...only because he is the only man in history to hit 2 *yes, Dos* grand slams in one inning. I'd settle for one a game to get the lead and the win.

It is going to be interesting to see the middle relief in the coming days. Wise, and others. But, one thing mystifies me is how Scott Schoenweis is escaping scrutiny.

Back to my dayjob (well, tomorrow, it is late as I write this)...If I had all the solutions, I'd be a GM.

On another note, I got a ticket for the Friday night game against the Yankees. Santana on the mound. I won't jinx myself, but this is the first Mets game in eons I went to where there was a Name Pitcher (thanks Jim Bouton for that phrase - well, really, "name player") besides Ollie Perez, Pelfrey and Figueroa. OH. Not to mention Chan Ho Park who I got to see pitch in his lone appearance with the Mets last year. He was on the mound and the folks in the stands were the ones that were doing the hurling.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pie....I'm Having A Slice, and Seconds Are Coming Without Action

A few years ago, I noticed that the lowly Tampa Bay Devil Rays (THERE! I said Devil prior to Rays) always used to Whup the living daylights out of the first place Yankees at least once a year by some lopsided score, 18-1, 16-2 maybe even a 13-0 thrown in at some point.

There I was sitting high with my mighty Mets who may have lost the same day too, but not as bad. Maybe a 9-7 or a 6-3 or maybe even 4-3.

So, what happens today, I gorge myself on some pie. Humble Pie. The lowly Nationals some how again tore apart the Mets as they had their momentum going. After the score reached double digits, I knew I was on a second helping. These losses are fattening. So fattening, that no one was able to sit in the orange seats by the 7th inning.

All I know is I am going to pass up the humble pie the next time a trouncing like this happens and just break out the tissues and weep.

12 Hits, 4 Runs and 16 men left on base for the Mets...OH, the good news? The Nats left 21 on base. Shudder to think what the score WOULD have been if there was hustle?

For "posterity" here is the box score:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's Stand The Heat...And Stay in The Ball Park

Someone, somewhere in some locker room shook up the Mets in a positive way and their momentum is back.

A good win over the Reds today. Ollie Perez looked a bit shaky in the early stages, but managed to escape severe damage.

I had the ticket for today's game, but had to give it to a good friend since it was Mother's Day. But, I had the game on in the background and enjoyed it.

Griffey had a good series and it was nice to see Junior back. Wish he came to the Mets several years ago. Odd stat... something like Junior hit 438 home runs (give or take) by the age of 31 and only 159 since 2001. Imagine if he was injury free during this period. Barry Bonds would have been a footnote.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Delgado has a Hitting Streak Going..We are Turning the Corner

Yes. The headline is accurate. If you told me two weeks ago I would be writing something like that, I would have probably had you committed. The last 7 games, Carlos has gotten on base and now is average is in the .236 range. Mendoza-like for him, but from what it was, its a XMAS gift for the rest of us.

Very nice decisive wins - two 12 run games in a row. But as I am writing this, they are in the top of the 9th in the second of the day/night doubleheader and losing 4-1. (Hoping for a turnaround. This would be true Mets Magic as we have come to know).

RAMBLINGS...Interesting stat that Brian Schnieders home run was his first extra base hit of the year. More to come. And, if I saw things correctly, Pelfrey pitched without the mouth guard...Nice to see Willie brought in Billy when the Mets were losing. Sometimes it makes sense in a non-save situation to preserve the other teams lead by good pitching defense, then come back with a bat-wielding offense. UGH...A run scored.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Figeroua and Maine (Then Pray for Rain)

Well, the title isn't as catchy as "Spahn and Sain, then Pray for Rain" but it worked and tomorrow we are going to be treated to a day/night DH with the Reds.

Two days of rest is going to be good for the Mets. Especially for the bicep/tricep weary bullpen.

I think it is time for us to start putting our mid-season wish list together. A few pitchers for sure. Why not take a few that Billy Beane in Oakland has been developing. He gets some solid, bargain basement kids with good numbers.

Getting back to the games..."Let's WIN two" (Sorry Ernie Banks for modifying your signature quote, but we need it).

Thursday, May 08, 2008

No More Power in the Big Red Machine

During the heyday of the Reds when Sparky Anderson was at the helm and the infield was comprised of guys named Rose (yep, Pete), Perez (Si' Tony) and Conception (Yes, Dave) -- and other top players, centered around Johnny Bench squatting over the dish, the Cincinnati team was known as "The Big Red Machine" - in my view, its because they steamrolled the competition.

Fast forward a few decades and into the new century and what do you have? A team decimated by lack of top quality players and injured stars long past their prime (for the record, I always admired Ken Griffey, both Per and Fils).

So, it is now incumbent upon the Mets to kick start their engines and roll over the Reds in the Blue and Orange Machine.

I expect a sweep.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dozen Runs...Good Momentum

Short post tonight, but the Mets played ball well today.

I didn't see the whole game, just parts of the replay, but they looked good.

Maine is going to be a solid anchor with the ball (and the bat too!) - Side note -- ever since my recent post about pitchers that hit, well...pitchers HAVE been hitting.

A bit of residue came from last night's game. Always nice to see a 40+ year old man coming off hernia surgery and a sore ankle stealing a base...May I add, home plate!

Guys, take Thursday off and focus on scoring, hitting and spraying the ball. The momentum will turn around.

See you guys tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mail it In? No. Mets Need to Stamp Some Runs

Early talk this year was the Mets were going to be a lock to go to the playoffs and beyond. We are only one month into the season, and by going 16-13 every month, well, its not the ticket to get there and be the best -- unless the season runs a dozen years straight.

I have heard some friends say that Randolph must go. This is nuts for the time being. It is in the personnel. Beltran, Delgado, Castillo and the pitching staff are just having horrendous periods.

I want to focus on Beltran here for a sec. He's only hitting around .216 and there just doesn't seem to be any zip or emotion in him. I guess once the check is cashed, the incentive is gone.

Walter Alston, manager of the Dodgers from circa 1955 until circa 1976/77 had the right idea. One year contracts. The multi-year deal has taken the vinegar out of the players, and we are just left with piss. (If you recall, piss and vinegar = spryness).

Let's get it back. Beltran, step up to the plate. And wait for your pitch and swing. Don't let it go by. (We all remember 2006 and our tolerance will not forgive more incidents like that).

Monday, May 05, 2008

Even Thomas Edison Would Have Considered the Ollie Perez Experiment a Dim Bulb

OK. So, maybe it IS me, but I am not enthralled with the performance that Ollie Perez has given us tonight. Beyond sloppy is the best phrase that can be tagged -- and we are only in the bottom of the 4th as this is being penned.

Ollie, if we recall was the throw-in for that unbeknownst logic trade that brought Roberto Hernandez for - ** GASP ** X-Man, Xavier Nady.

I think that Thomas Edison, who took "one thousand steps" to develop the light bulb would agree that Perez's performance as of late is dull and incandescent.

We need to sweep Torre's Dodgers.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Diamond (In The Rough) Backs - a Nice W!

The Diamondbacks held a Big Carat in front of the Mets for most of the weekend, but the Amazing's, in my opinion, pulled off a good series. But, I think the team from the sandland is going to be tough the rest of the year. Not only do they have a nice young line-up, but their pitchers wield mean lumber...And, that Bob Melvin is a genius skipper as he has a proven Micah Owings who can swing with the best -- and rookie pitcher, Max Scherzer (who will be making his debut on Monday, May 5 got some time as a pinch-runner.

Santana pitched a good game, but Willie needs to give the pen a little rest. Rightie vs. Rightie; Leftie vs. Leftie - that has to cool down a bit.

Box Score for historical posterity:

Till tomorrow...

Play Ball!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Is Pelfrey Imploding?

Mets played a little better, a little hustle against what I believe could be a team that is going to the W.S. if the Mets don't pick it up.

But Pelfrey is just horrible out there and Duaner Sanchez was giving runs away like priests giving candy to children.

Perhaps if Pelfrey takes out the mouth guard, we may get some semblance of....I don't know - something. He has yet to get past the 5th inning and our bullpen is getting bullied.

Box Score:

Friday, May 02, 2008

First Pitch - Triple By Reyes - Church SF - 1-0...HUSTLE

That's what I call the old Mets.

As this is being written, top of the first, Arizona Diamondbacks, the Mets look to be back in their signature form that seemed to have been tossed overboard and "abandoned ship" after the last few games.

Moises Alou just singled and drove another one in.

To quote the phrase from the 80s... THE MAGIC IS BACK.

(I hope this momentum will hold up the rest of the game) - and beyond.


OK, I'm going to watch and cheer my boys on the rest of the game.

Box score:

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Random Met - Greg Harts - 1973

Slow night. Night off. Recovering from the wounds of the 13-1 loss to the Pirates. The Mets fans now empathize the effect of pouring salt on a slug...

So, without further adieu, here is .... Greg Harts.... who falls in the "Players We Would Like to See More Of" Category.

A September 1973 call-up, Harts appeared in 3 games, had two ABs and slammed a nice single, before disappearing into oblivion.