Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beating Your #1 Rival in THEIR House...

I watched with anticipation, trepidation and cautiousness -- and that is just the pregame show -- of today's contest between the Mets and the Yankees.

As mentioned in yesterday's posting, I went to the game and it was called as we got past the turnstiles.

There is an aura of confidence with the team when Santana pitches and I must say, it was a gem despite giving up the HRs. Boys and Girls, this is a known fact that he surrenders many round trippers. I heard since 2001 he is 9th on the active list.

My level of confidence was inflated ten thousand fold when the graphic popped up that said the Yankees were 0-22 when trailing in the seventh inning. (And they call Mariano Rivera "Mr. Automatic." -- Now we can make that 0-23.

Crowds make a game like today and while the novelty of interleague play has worn off (probably in all honesty, circa 1999 - I still love these contests. Bragging rights never go out of style...

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