Sunday, May 25, 2008

Change in Regime Coming?

I didn't see much of the game today, but heard a little on the radio. What I did see was enough to convince me that the root, cog, hub, whatever word you want to use, is Carlos Delgado. He just does not hustle to the base and he just is plain bad at first base. There is just no OOMPH in him, and as a perceived team leader, this seems to permeate throughout the team.

So, because of this, Willie Randolph is on the hot seat. I don't know if he will be fired. I think he should stay and the bad apples should go. Players like Church, Schnieder and newly minted Nick Evans seem to be fresh, enthusiastic blood for the team and if we get a first baseman that can play baseball (and also stand when we play God Bless America -- Interjection here - when Delgado said in the beginning he would not stand for this song, I knew there was a bit of a 'tude.

If Willie does get fired, I say we clone The Ole Perfesser. "Can't anybody here play this game?" Casey was a prognosticator and must have been looking ahead at 2008.

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