Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hold The Lead - Don't Bleed

Mets played some sensible ball tonight. Something that has been last seen when an Italian helmed the Vatican (or so it seems).

Reyes kept the streak alive - something like 12 games with a hit, and the team held on to a lead and didn't squander it.

A friend of mine said that Beltran lacks the hustle and this seems to be cascading to the other players.

Let's ponder a thought here...Church comes back (no Vatican jokes, I already made a lame attempt at one and didn't hear you chuckle) to right field. Keep Beltran in center **SIGH** and platoon Tatis and Evans in left. We really don't feel Alou will have much of an impact.

For what its worth, has anyone notices with the over 4 decade crowd (or close), Hernandez, Alou, Pedro - when they were healthy last year, the team played well. This year, they are on the DL and the team is tanking. Life DOES begin at 40.

I am hoping this game is a turning point. Deep down, I know it is.

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