Saturday, May 10, 2008

Delgado has a Hitting Streak Going..We are Turning the Corner

Yes. The headline is accurate. If you told me two weeks ago I would be writing something like that, I would have probably had you committed. The last 7 games, Carlos has gotten on base and now is average is in the .236 range. Mendoza-like for him, but from what it was, its a XMAS gift for the rest of us.

Very nice decisive wins - two 12 run games in a row. But as I am writing this, they are in the top of the 9th in the second of the day/night doubleheader and losing 4-1. (Hoping for a turnaround. This would be true Mets Magic as we have come to know).

RAMBLINGS...Interesting stat that Brian Schnieders home run was his first extra base hit of the year. More to come. And, if I saw things correctly, Pelfrey pitched without the mouth guard...Nice to see Willie brought in Billy when the Mets were losing. Sometimes it makes sense in a non-save situation to preserve the other teams lead by good pitching defense, then come back with a bat-wielding offense. UGH...A run scored.

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