Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Another Loss to the Nationals Ah S***

Take a look at the last word of the title, particularly the greeked out letters.

OK, this is what the Mets need to do - H-I-T -- with some consistency. And PITCH.

Heilman now scares me.

It seems that every reliever gives me the tensions I used to feel when John Franco would come into the game. You KNEW they were going to blow it, but the question was WHEN?

Just peel the band-aid off quickly and the pain is over. Don't rip it slowly.

JOY. Pelfrey is pitching tomorrow. Break out the confidence towels.

Let me end the rant here. I am just plain dumbfounded how things unravel. I used to take middle relief pitching for granted, but it really is the heart of making or breaking the game. For once, I'd like to see it be the "make."


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