Friday, January 26, 2007

The Yankee Pharmacist vs. The Die Hard Mets Pro

My family pharmacist, who happens to be a great guy, is a die-hard Yankee fan. At times over this past season we battled to the extreme of who is better. Naturally I razzed him when the Devil Rays beat the Yankees something like 19-2 in 2006, and he let ME have it when the Red Sox swept the Mets. (Crow tastes very humbling for both of us.)

This gentleman, who has the SAME name as a famous slugger in the game today, (Don't worry Pharmacist pal of mine, I'll let the readers guess and I still won't tip my (METS) hat if they come up with the right answer) saw me today wearing the aforementioned cap and said "OK, get the scorecard out and let the record show the taunting begins on January 26."

It happens to be one of the coldest days of the year where we are, and already, this gent and I are thinking baseball. This game really is addicting in a good way.

Both of our teams are adding (and subtracting) as we speak. We just said fare-thee-well to Cliff Floyd who I thought was a class act, but his injuries have left him very fragile of late. Too much of a risk whether he will be healthy the whole year. Though one has to question whether 40yo Moises Alou is the panacea replacement. And, the dude with the RX jacket is probably pondering as we speak about the destination of Bernie Williams this season....WHOA the counting of those pills...the scrip calls for 100, not 103...

It's about 2 weeks and a few days before pitchers and catchers report and then the RX man and this humble, timid, scribe will put on the boxing gloves and have our friendly debates. Though he's at an advantage as his staff all are pinstripe fans, I know the Metropolitans will be busy once again this October.

OK, here's ONE hint...the pharmacists name is not______________________

*Toldja I'd keep it confidential!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Era in NY - Say Hey (Willie)! Deux!

I was glad to hear the Mets inked a deal to keep Willie Randolph in Queens through 2009 and a possible option in 2010 (click headline for story linked to Sports Illustrated).

Willie's right for the job. Has been since day one and we'd like the momentum of last years team to be the first cog in an everlasting dynasty. It's time to break out!

For me, the Mets managers have been like the governors of NJ. BAD (Torborg), Awful (Greene), Arrogant (Bobby Valentine). I'm not going to get political here, but the top staffers in NJ have been disappointing, back to around the time the Mets won the whole ball of wax in '86 (Tom Kean). And a short flicker with Dick Codey. OK. Back to baseball...

Randolph brings a good New York attitude to a home team -- and he's a native! (I promise this is the last reference to NJ Govs -- at least in this blog). The schmuck down in Trenton was born in Illinois and is not a lifelong NJ resident. Who wants that? We want someone who knows the DNA of the state...And Willie Randolph sure does.

Back in the halycon days of the 1950s, we had another great Willie - Willie Howard Mays: Stats: who was revered and made the giants the GIANTS. I look to see Randolph doing the same with the Mets.

Omar, thanks for keeping the hopes of us Mets fans alive...(I'd gladly vote you as the next Governor of NJ !!!)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Well - I guess the air is outta the tires on Clemens...

A few days ago, I don't know what happened (OK, this is my way looking for a graceful excuse out - a la' the Japanese trying to save face)...But, for some reason, I concocted a strange notion that I wanted Roger Clemens on the Mets (still do).

According to it looks like the 'Stros, Pinstripers and Red Hose have the best shot. And that's fine.

I just want to see some real action this winter by Minaya. Signing marginal players with SillyString arms isn't going to cut it.

So, I take it upon myself to issue a challenge to all my MLB Professional Ball Players who read this blog religiously (are there any???) to take it upon yourself and (in the vein of Shakespeare) - "Get Thee To a Mets Contract" if not - a nunnery awaits thee.

Blabberings...How ironic is it that today, the Mets announce that minor league tix go on sale and when I woke up, there was a coating of snow? After seeing that white poison covering my car and sidewalk, I immediately placed an order....It's getting late now and I am trying to stay awake - ah, forget it. I'm gonna pull a Casey Stengel (circa 1962 5th inning) and fall asleep...My dreams will be 40 Mets spilling champagne and seeing a calendar that says October 2007...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time for a Random Met

The gods of the algorithm / oracle have spoken and the random Met is Anthony Young.

What an ironic name...This poor gent certainly didn't feel young when he was compiling his legendary loss streak. Twenty Seven, YUP 27 (vente siete) -straight, consecutive, uninterrupted "L"s appeared after his name in the box score.

He was certainly a hard luck pitcher and the Mets in 1991-93 when he played for them weren't exactly stars.

Here's something to figure that defies the laws of --well, almost ANYTHING. In 1993 he went 1-16 in 39 games covering 100 innings...NOW, look at his salary below:

1992 - New York Mets - $115,000
1993 - New York Mets - $205,000
1994 - Chicago Cubs - $230,000
1995 - Chicago Cubs - $380,000
1996 - Houston Astros - $275,000

What happens? After getting dealt to the Cubs for Jose Vizcaino, he gets a 25k increase in salary.

If this was corporate America, AY, as much as we pined for ya, you would have went from the executive board room to the night time janitor's position after being consistently -- UH - Bad.

Well, AY, you got on the late night shows and enjoyed a bit of celeb status...I hope years later you are doing well.

Until we meet again...the Mets rock!

OH, and only about 3 weeks 'til pitches and catchers report for spring training.

Pssssssssssssst...Anthony Young - stay home. We don't need a batting practice pitcher.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let's Go Out on a Limb Here -- How About Trying To Get ---- Roger Clemens?

OK All - (especially Mets fans) - before you get the tar and feathers and the one way ticket to East Timor in my name, hear me out.

I think the Mets should go after Roger Clemens for 2007 and (beyond?).

Firstly, no one can refute his record. Even after entering his 40s, Rocket has been an effective pitcher. Look at some of the hurlers who went past the age Jack Benny stopped counting at -- some include Warren Spahn, Don Sutton, Gaylord Perry, Bert Blyleven, Jim Kaat and a few more that still could toss the cowhide the 60 feet 6 inches and have players in their twenties produce a WHOOSH of wind with their bats.

In his twenty-three years of toeing the mound, the Rocket only had two - count 'em 2 - losing seasons, 1993 and 1996 (and Seaver had 3 - albeit none with the Mets). What I am trying to demonstrate here is that he's a stalwart and this is something the Mets need right now. With Pedro Martinez returning many months after the Swallows of San Capistrano, and a few of the other moundsmen donning uniforms of other rivals, the Rocket may be just what the team needs to inspire motiviation for the younger arms.

Yes, Clemens was a pariah during the late 90s/early 2000s with the Mike Piazza incident (Footnote - to this day I am STILL a huge Mike Piazza fan and hope he will return to the Mets one day) and I expect many to not welcome this thought of having the Rocket at Shea.

What would I expect from Roger? Motivation, coaching, teaching, and a few strikeouts, maybe a shutout or two - and fear in the eyes of other NL batters. It would be an interesting scenario for sure. But the downsides would be Roger's perceived crankiness and desire of special treatments.

(And, if he can't hit the strike zone, we all know he can throw a bat).

Well, I can dream for a bit, can't I?

OK - Now comes time for the disclosure part. This wasn't the reason I wrote it, but if it does happen, Hey, I have a 1985 Topps Roger Clemens Rookie Card (off center). Maybe it will jump up in value by a buck?

Raj - don't say I ain't rootin for ya! (But if you don't come to the Mets - we'll be leading the raspberry parade!