Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time for a Random Met

The gods of the algorithm / oracle have spoken and the random Met is Anthony Young.

What an ironic name...This poor gent certainly didn't feel young when he was compiling his legendary loss streak. Twenty Seven, YUP 27 (vente siete) -straight, consecutive, uninterrupted "L"s appeared after his name in the box score.

He was certainly a hard luck pitcher and the Mets in 1991-93 when he played for them weren't exactly stars.

Here's something to figure that defies the laws of --well, almost ANYTHING. In 1993 he went 1-16 in 39 games covering 100 innings...NOW, look at his salary below:

1992 - New York Mets - $115,000
1993 - New York Mets - $205,000
1994 - Chicago Cubs - $230,000
1995 - Chicago Cubs - $380,000
1996 - Houston Astros - $275,000

What happens? After getting dealt to the Cubs for Jose Vizcaino, he gets a 25k increase in salary.

If this was corporate America, AY, as much as we pined for ya, you would have went from the executive board room to the night time janitor's position after being consistently -- UH - Bad.

Well, AY, you got on the late night shows and enjoyed a bit of celeb status...I hope years later you are doing well.

Until we meet again...the Mets rock!

OH, and only about 3 weeks 'til pitches and catchers report for spring training.

Pssssssssssssst...Anthony Young - stay home. We don't need a batting practice pitcher.

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