Friday, January 26, 2007

The Yankee Pharmacist vs. The Die Hard Mets Pro

My family pharmacist, who happens to be a great guy, is a die-hard Yankee fan. At times over this past season we battled to the extreme of who is better. Naturally I razzed him when the Devil Rays beat the Yankees something like 19-2 in 2006, and he let ME have it when the Red Sox swept the Mets. (Crow tastes very humbling for both of us.)

This gentleman, who has the SAME name as a famous slugger in the game today, (Don't worry Pharmacist pal of mine, I'll let the readers guess and I still won't tip my (METS) hat if they come up with the right answer) saw me today wearing the aforementioned cap and said "OK, get the scorecard out and let the record show the taunting begins on January 26."

It happens to be one of the coldest days of the year where we are, and already, this gent and I are thinking baseball. This game really is addicting in a good way.

Both of our teams are adding (and subtracting) as we speak. We just said fare-thee-well to Cliff Floyd who I thought was a class act, but his injuries have left him very fragile of late. Too much of a risk whether he will be healthy the whole year. Though one has to question whether 40yo Moises Alou is the panacea replacement. And, the dude with the RX jacket is probably pondering as we speak about the destination of Bernie Williams this season....WHOA the counting of those pills...the scrip calls for 100, not 103...

It's about 2 weeks and a few days before pitchers and catchers report and then the RX man and this humble, timid, scribe will put on the boxing gloves and have our friendly debates. Though he's at an advantage as his staff all are pinstripe fans, I know the Metropolitans will be busy once again this October.

OK, here's ONE hint...the pharmacists name is not______________________

*Toldja I'd keep it confidential!

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