Thursday, January 25, 2007

A New Era in NY - Say Hey (Willie)! Deux!

I was glad to hear the Mets inked a deal to keep Willie Randolph in Queens through 2009 and a possible option in 2010 (click headline for story linked to Sports Illustrated).

Willie's right for the job. Has been since day one and we'd like the momentum of last years team to be the first cog in an everlasting dynasty. It's time to break out!

For me, the Mets managers have been like the governors of NJ. BAD (Torborg), Awful (Greene), Arrogant (Bobby Valentine). I'm not going to get political here, but the top staffers in NJ have been disappointing, back to around the time the Mets won the whole ball of wax in '86 (Tom Kean). And a short flicker with Dick Codey. OK. Back to baseball...

Randolph brings a good New York attitude to a home team -- and he's a native! (I promise this is the last reference to NJ Govs -- at least in this blog). The schmuck down in Trenton was born in Illinois and is not a lifelong NJ resident. Who wants that? We want someone who knows the DNA of the state...And Willie Randolph sure does.

Back in the halycon days of the 1950s, we had another great Willie - Willie Howard Mays: Stats: who was revered and made the giants the GIANTS. I look to see Randolph doing the same with the Mets.

Omar, thanks for keeping the hopes of us Mets fans alive...(I'd gladly vote you as the next Governor of NJ !!!)

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