Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's a Bit Early for a Trade - But, Let's float this by you...

Over the last few years, there have been a few questionmarks at the keystone for the Amazins. It was thought that Kaz Matsui was the panacea. Wrong. Anderson Hernandez was vying to the position early last year (and to this date, still etched a memorable catch in the wee games of 2006). Jose Valentin filled in - did an admirable job - got hurt - Damon Easley took over in the interim - done well - Valentin back.

Both of these guys are surprises - and a bit old. Nothing wrong with both. But lets think towards the future.

I have a doozy of a trade that I hope management will consider...

Brian Roberts of the Orioles puts up some nice #'s - He's a .283 hitter and steals bases. Gets a lot of hits and has a semi respectable .982 fielding percentage.

Let's get him and give up:

Lastings Milledge: and maybe someone like a AAA prospect. Lastings, the toast of the town last year, diminished his star quality in the eyes of many with that rap record -- Plus, he didn't hustle - something that Carlos Gomez does and so does Ben Johnson. You MUST be hungry to succeed in NY and I think Lastings, as talented as he is, will be better playing out of the limelight.

Omar, Pull the trigger and lets get Roberts.

Lo Duca Goes Postal

So, it's an 0-1 count and through the years, we saw many of these. But, for some reason, when the next pitch came, and it was close, our beloved Mets dish protector just snapped with the umpire's call.

Now, I love baseball more than the next folk, but let's face it, (and I hope to be proved wrong) behavior like that set a bad example. Lo Duca actually had rage in his eyes. For a freakin' strike mind you. I could see him being justified if it was a blatant call at the plate which gives the opposition the advantage.

For some reason, if you have the name Paul, and play for a New York team, you are entitled to go postal when there is a call that goes the wrong way. The other Paul I am referring to is the one who brought fear and destruction to the watercooler when he struck out - Paul O'Neill.

Well, I have to say, I have Lo Duca on my fantasy team -- and I just KNOW he's going to get a suspension. Now, the key is, who do I pick up in his absence?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Are We Melting?

Seams Seem to be coming apart. Mets look a little tired, but maybe my eyes aren't following them as slow as they are running the base paths.

OK, I want to gripe here for a moment.

Moises Alou - we knew he was excellent when he played, but overall, fragile goods. Now, I don't want to secondguess-micromanage-sayitoldyouso - but, wasn't that the same reason they got rid of the ever-popular Cliff Floyd?

Well, time to hit the hay. At least I can fall asleep to the Mets losing while they are playing on the west coast.

Oh, one word for Bud Selig: (and, yes, I am shouting: INTERLEAGUE PLAY HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fantasy League - Is this a good trade?

Put your GM Hats on.

I own JJ Hardy of the Brewers.

I offered him - straight up for Jose Reyes. My colleague declined.

Would YOU take the trade?

Sound off!

Play Ball!