Thursday, April 05, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Happy Opening Day finally came.  We beat the snow this winter, so today is extra special.

Had a conversation with a business colleague the other day and he is a diehard Baltimore Orioles fan.  We vowed that 2012 would be like 1969 - though our optimism for both teams to get to the vaunted WS is not that high, it would be great.

Santana, coming off a wash of 2011 looked great.  I didnt see the game in person (darn work!) but got a chance to see the encore performance on SNY.  Very encouraging performance.  We need these.  Naturally the Mets are pros at winning Opening Day - something like 32 of the last 42. 

Good to beat the Braves...let's continue to fight hard.

I see Andre Torres is down ---- Hey Eric Byrnes --- how about coming back?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Training - 2012 - Prelude to a Lonnnnng Year - Let's Say Sisyphus

A few disjointed and maybe a valid thought or two...

Spring Training.  Yes, I love to hear these words and it means that until the end of October, my mind will be consumed with baseball - both real and fantasy league.

But, being a Mets fan, and if you are one, you know the trials and tribulations ARE straight ahead.  See the image of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill?  (Look it up if the reference is obscure).

Sadly, with the passing of Gary Carter, the team loses a leader.  Yes, he was retired for a long time, but the Kid still influenced many.

Let's step back a moment - Carter.  Piazza.  We haven't had a dynamic catcher who has been the face and inspiration for the Mets.  We need that now.

The whole Madoff thing really skewed (OK, SCREWED) our chances of being competitive in the free agent market.

Reyes was finally cast off.  Hey, I used to be a huge fan.  But the antics he pulled with that bush league stunt of 1 at bat, cheap bunt hit, take self out of game, win batting title was pure garbage.  Good riddance.

But there was limited off season activity, so I guess we will get a few castoffs from other teams desperate to hang on with a contract for 2012.

Every win will be a gift.  We won't have the Nationals to beat up on - and mark my words - they will be GOOD.

So, dear fans, let's fasten our seat belts and remain optimistic.  The stock market crash of '29 eventually recovered.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

LONNNNNNNG YEAR....Time to Hibernate

Where do we start?  Where do we end (well, that is summed up - below .500).

Going into 2011, there were low expectations.  Not only from this dyed-in-the-wool supporter of the orange and blue, but many others.

There were streaks.  Some capped with a W.  Many capped with an L.

A LOT of uncertainly.  Let's use these 4 words; 2 names and 2 verbs.  Wright. Reyes. Stay. Go.  Use every permutation. And, as of the last day + one of the season ending, they are still influx.

I have to say I give Terry Collins a vote of confidence.  He had a lot of junk to work with.  This gives me a good segue - glad we got rid of Oliver Perez and KRod.  Remember Ollie said he would NOT go to the minors?  I was laughing the day I saw he was picked up by the NATIONALS and then sent to their farm team in Harrisburg, PA.  Ever been to Harrisburg?  I lived there for a year.  Pure Hell.  Just desserts ya got, Ollie.

Oh, and Reyes ending the season with a bunt single and taking himself out of the game to win the batting title.  A bit strategic, yes.  But if you get paid a ton of $ and have talent, the view here is to play that last game out.  The true better player will prevail.

Where do we go from here?  Well, in 5 minutes I am going to bed.  Much like 24 (then 40) men did on the Mets roster.

Will I be back rooting next year? Hell yea.  A Mets leopard doesn't change his spots.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Not a BAD Loss....

Mets stayed close to the mountain men...that's all I could ask for.

Can't give a good honest overview of the game since I had a lot of other things to do...but it was on for background.

Caught (no pun intended) the interview with Jerry Grote which was pretty cool.  Coincidentally, on the Mets daily calendar, today's entry cited Grote caught the most games for the Mets - 1176.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Bullpen - OR, Can you say "Fold Like an Accordian"

Parnell was brutal.  Gives up the ghost.

Reyes breaks through with 2 3 Baggers and Izzy returns.

The telltale sign of the game was Daniel Murphy's defense at second...Think we need to see more of him at the Keystone???

Sunday, April 10, 2011

This Type of Loss -- TO THE NATIONALS -- (head shaking side to side - eyes looking downward)

Today is one of those losses where you just don't know where to start - but want it to end.

Washington got it together and ate up the pitching in the later innings.  I am impressed by Chris Young -- SO FAR.

Well, this is a short blog tonight.  Pick up the pieces, scrape off the residue and let's win tomorrow.

When driving today, I figured, "Hell, we are better than the 1962 Mets..."

Hope my prognostication is right.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Mets Pitchers - Gotta Have a Name Starting with C to Get a Hit

Chris Young got two hits in one inning the other day, and tonight Chris Capuano hit a double.  They seem to be doing better than Jose Reyes who was Oh-for-9 (maybe 10?) with runners in scoring position.  FINALLY got his first RBI tonight...a bit late in a contract year.

Now, as I write this, K-Rod got his first at bat (Ironic, huh, putting a weapon in his hand - whatsamatta, his fists aren't good enough?). 

Ninth inning and K-Rod walks two.  (I forgot, someone remind me - what does a closer do?)...Good thing we got Werth to hit into a DP.

Happy with the way the Amazins played and showed hustle.

SO FAR, I like Terry Collins...