Thursday, April 05, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Happy Opening Day finally came.  We beat the snow this winter, so today is extra special.

Had a conversation with a business colleague the other day and he is a diehard Baltimore Orioles fan.  We vowed that 2012 would be like 1969 - though our optimism for both teams to get to the vaunted WS is not that high, it would be great.

Santana, coming off a wash of 2011 looked great.  I didnt see the game in person (darn work!) but got a chance to see the encore performance on SNY.  Very encouraging performance.  We need these.  Naturally the Mets are pros at winning Opening Day - something like 32 of the last 42. 

Good to beat the Braves...let's continue to fight hard.

I see Andre Torres is down ---- Hey Eric Byrnes --- how about coming back?

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