Monday, September 29, 2008

GUEST BLOG....Another disappointing year for the New York Mets. I’ll keep this guest blog short – just like the Mets’ season (OUCH!).

My good friend, MLT, who has subbed for me on occasion for this blog, would like to weigh in on his thoughts about the Mets. I agree with some, but not all. However, he's holding the saxophone and doing the solo and I am being a good sideman, instrument in hand, listening to the music..

Take it away, MLT...

Here is my take on the NY Mets:

* Jerry Manuel – Keep him but he should be monitored by Minaya. He seems kind of stoic to me (in the dugout) just like Willie. I want a crazy manager like Bobby V or Lou Piniella
* Coaches – get rid of them all, especially Dan Warthen and HoJo – see ya!
* Ryan Church – can this guy get back to early season form? The dude should have been benched for the last weekend against the Marlins. He strikes out all the time. He has potential so I say we give him another year, but I’d bench him ASAP if he doesn’t perform early on.
* Nick Evans – this guy is just NOT good enough to play for the Mets. Daniel Murphy should be getting the playing time.
* Tatis – see ya!
* Easley – adios!
* Mets Pitchers: Shea goodbye to the following pitchers: Sanchez, Heilman, Ayala, Rincon, Schoeneweis. P-Mart, Muniz, Perez (Did I miss anyone?)
* Catchers – bench/get rid of them all – Mets need to find a catcher who can crush the ball like Piazza and Hundley used to. No more weak catchers.
* Castillo – bench or trade him
* Ramon Martínez - should be starting 2B next season if Daniel Murphy is still in the OF
* Argenis Reyes – not really impressed; go back to the minors
* Marlon Anderson – never come back!
* Endy Chavez – goodbye

We need better SPs, bullpen and a corner OF who can crush the ball like [Matt] Holliday. Where in the world is Val Pascucci? It’s a joke that we had to turn to Anderson, Easley and Chavez late in games as pinch hitters – they all suck.

Here is forecasted starting pitching for 2009:

* Johan Santana – very happy with Jo-San
* John Maine – he is my “maine man”
* Mike Pelfrey – not 100 percent happy with this guy, but he def deserves another shot in 2009
(Free Agent) – Minaya’s job this winter
(Free Agent) – another job for Minaya this winter

Good luck to the Mets in 2009. I am very much looking forward to Citi Field.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shea - It Isnt So....

I was one of the fortunate to get a ticket for today's final game.

While I must say the outcome was disappointing - another meltdown. This one not as tragic as last year, but still, the balloon popped and the loud noise barked "NO POST SEASON! --- Again!!!"

I was sad to see the end of Shea...Lots of good childhood and adult memories. A good friend of mine and his wife and I just sat there long after the game and the ceremonies ended. I took about 180+ pics and I am guestimating there were at least 1 million pictures snapped.

My blog will continue on.

I took a break on Sept. 5. I literally ran out of perceptions and observations that day and decided to take a few weeks off.

By the way, Scott Schoenweiss is the Tom Glavine of 2008 - a Pariah we never want to see again.

As I took many a pic, the one accompanying today's blog sums it up. Let's see what 2009 brings.

We'll be talking soon and keep your eyes on this blog (as I am keeping my eye on YOU!)

Friday, September 05, 2008

A Fellow Mets Fan Spells Me (Even Cal Ripken Took A Day Off)

Well, As much as I like to write this blog, there are some days where I struggle for a topic. Well, unsolicited a good friend of mine, Mark Tordik, a die hard Mets fan sent this post to me earlier today. Sadly, I just saw it as I was at work and didn't check my personal email.

Mark, your up at bat...

I always hear that the Phillies are better offensively. Well, when it has counted this year against their division rival, the Phillies have faltered.

Mets are 10-5 head-to-head with the Phillies this year scoring 81 runs to their opponent’s 62. Mets averaged 5.4 runs a game. Nice.

Phillies have averaged only 4.1 runs each game against the Mets this year. That’s not a good number, especially against a supposed weak bullpen. I guess the Mets have stepped up their game this year and are playing like they were in all of 2006 and most of 2007.

This is a big series for the Mets and we should be VERY confident that Pelfrey, P-Mart and Jo-San (as well as the bullpen) can get the job done.

“Mr. Met is tired of playing around and wants to finish off the job. Once this series concludes, he’ll be wiping his boots clean of the Philly Phanatic’s guts.”


Editors Note...Mark created a funny video...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Random Met - Wayne Garrett

Ah, good ole Wayne Garrett was a solid player at 3rd Base for the Amazin's from 1969 to 1976. He and Rusty Staub were teammates and redheads.

Wayne had a brother, Adrian who played in the Majors too.

Its a slow news night, obviously.

Peruse Wayne's stats...

Back tomorrow...Let's sweep the Phils and double the 3 game margin to 6!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mets Win. Phils Lose. Lather. REPEAT.

So I stole a semi popular but obscure tag line for shampoo that doubled sales in the 70s. If it worked for a hair care product, it SHOULD work for the Mets.

While I was slogging away at my desk today -- or in meetings. Let's say both....The Mets trounced Milwaukee 9-2 - maybe it was 9-3. I didnt see the final final on the reply.

The magic is working. I want to be far away from Philly as possible.

Day off tomorrow, but I will be back. Maybe with something interesting. If not, well, its cheaper than a bird cage liner.

Zonked. Off to bed.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Brewers - Can Make One Want to Drink

Long, but good game. Was it long? I guess when you go into extra innings and the opposition gets close to a W with two out, you kind of hyperventilate. I did. Check YouTube for the video.

Roundin' home. The finality of Shea is starting to dawn. Just 15 more games there for the end of the season (PLUS PLAYOFFS!).

Well, I'm hitting the hay and singing "Meet the Mets, Greet the Mets..." on my way up the stairs.

Hope to dream of a private concert with Jane Jarvis -- with the above theme.

Sorry I'm not that creative tonight.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Delgado - Not Hitting Skinny

If anyone ever told me back in June I would be writing praise about Carlos Delgado, I don't know what my reaction would have been. I'm not a negative person, but it seemed like the wood in his bat was infested with rotten bark.

Times changed and now Senor Delgado is clubbing home runs left and right. And he helped out the Metropolitans with a come from behind win against the Brewers. (I may add here, its good we aren't going to see the likes of C.C. (Carsten Charles) Sabathia. NOTE TO OMAR MINAYA -- Consider getting him for next year.

Once again, though, Santana was stymied for a W, but Ayala is looking good as the closer.

Here's a good article with some video: Delgado digs deep for late damage

And, in the "Whatever Happened To....(or What WILL Happen With.... for the new guys...)

Recalled LHP Jonathan Niese, RHP Carlos Muniz, INF Argenis Reyes and C Gustavo Molina from Triple-A New Orleans. Purchased the contract of LHP Ricardo Rincon, RHP Brandon Knight, RHP Bobby Parnell and INF Ramon Martinez from Triple-A New Orleans. Reinstated OF Marlon Anderson from the 15-day disabled list. Transferred OF Trot Nixon, RHP Matt Wise, RHP Orlando Hernandez and LHP Jason Vargas to the 60-day disabled list. Designated LHP Willie Collazo for assignment.

NOTE: If Anyone sees Angel Pagan, please notify the milk company to take his photo off the milk carton.