Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shea - It Isnt So....

I was one of the fortunate to get a ticket for today's final game.

While I must say the outcome was disappointing - another meltdown. This one not as tragic as last year, but still, the balloon popped and the loud noise barked "NO POST SEASON! --- Again!!!"

I was sad to see the end of Shea...Lots of good childhood and adult memories. A good friend of mine and his wife and I just sat there long after the game and the ceremonies ended. I took about 180+ pics and I am guestimating there were at least 1 million pictures snapped.

My blog will continue on.

I took a break on Sept. 5. I literally ran out of perceptions and observations that day and decided to take a few weeks off.

By the way, Scott Schoenweiss is the Tom Glavine of 2008 - a Pariah we never want to see again.

As I took many a pic, the one accompanying today's blog sums it up. Let's see what 2009 brings.

We'll be talking soon and keep your eyes on this blog (as I am keeping my eye on YOU!)

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