Monday, September 29, 2008

GUEST BLOG....Another disappointing year for the New York Mets. I’ll keep this guest blog short – just like the Mets’ season (OUCH!).

My good friend, MLT, who has subbed for me on occasion for this blog, would like to weigh in on his thoughts about the Mets. I agree with some, but not all. However, he's holding the saxophone and doing the solo and I am being a good sideman, instrument in hand, listening to the music..

Take it away, MLT...

Here is my take on the NY Mets:

* Jerry Manuel – Keep him but he should be monitored by Minaya. He seems kind of stoic to me (in the dugout) just like Willie. I want a crazy manager like Bobby V or Lou Piniella
* Coaches – get rid of them all, especially Dan Warthen and HoJo – see ya!
* Ryan Church – can this guy get back to early season form? The dude should have been benched for the last weekend against the Marlins. He strikes out all the time. He has potential so I say we give him another year, but I’d bench him ASAP if he doesn’t perform early on.
* Nick Evans – this guy is just NOT good enough to play for the Mets. Daniel Murphy should be getting the playing time.
* Tatis – see ya!
* Easley – adios!
* Mets Pitchers: Shea goodbye to the following pitchers: Sanchez, Heilman, Ayala, Rincon, Schoeneweis. P-Mart, Muniz, Perez (Did I miss anyone?)
* Catchers – bench/get rid of them all – Mets need to find a catcher who can crush the ball like Piazza and Hundley used to. No more weak catchers.
* Castillo – bench or trade him
* Ramon Martínez - should be starting 2B next season if Daniel Murphy is still in the OF
* Argenis Reyes – not really impressed; go back to the minors
* Marlon Anderson – never come back!
* Endy Chavez – goodbye

We need better SPs, bullpen and a corner OF who can crush the ball like [Matt] Holliday. Where in the world is Val Pascucci? It’s a joke that we had to turn to Anderson, Easley and Chavez late in games as pinch hitters – they all suck.

Here is forecasted starting pitching for 2009:

* Johan Santana – very happy with Jo-San
* John Maine – he is my “maine man”
* Mike Pelfrey – not 100 percent happy with this guy, but he def deserves another shot in 2009
(Free Agent) – Minaya’s job this winter
(Free Agent) – another job for Minaya this winter

Good luck to the Mets in 2009. I am very much looking forward to Citi Field.

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