Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring Training - 2012 - Prelude to a Lonnnnng Year - Let's Say Sisyphus

A few disjointed and maybe a valid thought or two...

Spring Training.  Yes, I love to hear these words and it means that until the end of October, my mind will be consumed with baseball - both real and fantasy league.

But, being a Mets fan, and if you are one, you know the trials and tribulations ARE straight ahead.  See the image of Sisyphus pushing the boulder up the hill?  (Look it up if the reference is obscure).

Sadly, with the passing of Gary Carter, the team loses a leader.  Yes, he was retired for a long time, but the Kid still influenced many.

Let's step back a moment - Carter.  Piazza.  We haven't had a dynamic catcher who has been the face and inspiration for the Mets.  We need that now.

The whole Madoff thing really skewed (OK, SCREWED) our chances of being competitive in the free agent market.

Reyes was finally cast off.  Hey, I used to be a huge fan.  But the antics he pulled with that bush league stunt of 1 at bat, cheap bunt hit, take self out of game, win batting title was pure garbage.  Good riddance.

But there was limited off season activity, so I guess we will get a few castoffs from other teams desperate to hang on with a contract for 2012.

Every win will be a gift.  We won't have the Nationals to beat up on - and mark my words - they will be GOOD.

So, dear fans, let's fasten our seat belts and remain optimistic.  The stock market crash of '29 eventually recovered.