Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hall of Fame - Are any Eligible Ex-Mets Deserving???


I am a biased Mets fan. Let me get that out.

But, for the life of me, I am very practical when it comes to the Hall of Fame. This is a sanctuary that should honor SUPERSTARS, not marginal players. Unfortunately, the latter has been happening over the years as balloters feel compelled to vote SOMEONE in. No matter who -- or "who(m)."

The list of 2007 eligibles, plus carryovers from last year were announced. The link from the Hall of Fame and a brief overview of the players can be seen from this link:


Now, I wish I had the time to rate all of these players to give you my opinion. I will do this...(for those who care -- and I don't think my mom is one of them, but, Kudos to you mom if you are reading this.

There are just TWO candidates who jump out at me and are fully deserving. Quite simply, in order of preference, it is Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken. If Tony had a finger for each batting title he won, he'd be a Polydactyly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polydactyly) That man could simply hit and his lofty batting averages certainly show it.

Cal Ripken, and the reason I put him second, is that the "streak" after awhile was man-made and based on the intent of breaking the Iron Horse's record of 2130. It didn't matter if Cal was hurt - his dad, the manager, would put him in the game. Take nothing away from Ripken, he was a superstar and an ambassador for the game.

Now, for the future of the former players who were Mets at one time or another. Here's my view on whether they will be enshrined...

Bobby Bonilla - PASS. Let's not talk about the obvious. (Pssst. As Allen Ludden would have said..."The Password, is 'tude.")

Tony Fernandez - A good shortstop/second baseman with a good glove. He was my favorite SS in the game back in the early 90s. His numbers were good, but I would not rate him a superstar. (I don't believe Don Mattingly is a Hall of Famer - and he has posted WAYYYY better numbers).

Orel Hershiser - One year with the Mets and not very memorable. 175 innings pitched, not even 90 strikeouts. Can't base his career on this sole season, but his total career numbers don't knock me over. A good man, and a morale builder around the clubhouse.

Bret Saberhagen - 2 Cy's still doesn't get him in with my criteria. I think he had some great years, but bounced around a bit after his days at KC. Only won 20 games twice. With seven of his 17 years in single digit wins, this guy still managed to pull down over $47 million in career salary.

Thanks for letting me spout. If you think its all drivel, tell me. If you agree with my opines - let's chat too!

Back soon. The winter talks are heating up. Sure to be more news for me to squawk about.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BACK!!!! With A vengeance!

Wellllll Hello All...

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. The demands of work got to me over the past few weeks and while I have been thinking about the Mets, just haven't had time to "get it down on paper," so to speak.

I want to thank a very good friend of mine for prompting me to write. O.H., from that bustling metropolis in Calhoun, GA has been a fellow baseball and sports fan and soundboard for me for the past - I dunno - what is it, O? Seven, Eight? NINE??? years...We got to chatting via IM and...well. Here I am.

A little bit has been going on. My views will be both spewed and skewed. Here goes.

Orlando Hernandez - Thanks for not holding out O.H. (Hey, I just noticed my friend has the same initials. -- The other thing they have in common was both were born in 1939. Though I am betting the Met hurler is a bit older). We locked you for two years and I think you will be coming back fine.

Jose Valentin - A good "insurance" sign. If Soriano becomes available, the 37 YO with the breakout year in 06 becomes a backup. 1 Year was a good contract. The Mets will develop more talent at the keystone.

Tom Glavine - Time to play the option game. Here's where we see a lot of finesse (READ: Bullshit) with contract negotiations. I can recall Glavine saying a few years ago he wanted to end his career in a Mets uniform. Now he is declining options and the like. Even considering going back to the Braves. Message to Tom: HELLO! Look at the records from2006....Why give up a steak and lobster meal for chuck shoulder (on the bone).

Royce Ring & Heath Bell - How do I describe these guys? It's a bit hard. But they are taking Horace Greeley's advice (via action by Omar Minaya) and plying their trade west. To me, these guys never seemed to be a real part of the Mets DNA and when they were pitching, just seemed to be fill ins. Honestly, I haven't evaluated the trade to the Padres: http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article.jsp?ymd=20061115&content_id=1741131&vkey=hotstove2006&fext=.jsp though I hope the pitcher recieved by the Mets can throw the ball with a little authority.

Is the Majors turning into eBay????? - Now it seems the trend is to put the merchandise out - have a minimum bid and then do a buy it now a la eBay www.ebay.com First it was the "Gyro Ball" pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka http://mlb.mlb.com/NASApp/mlb/news/article_perspectives.jsp?ymd=20061114&content_id=1740293&vkey=perspectives&fext=.jsp and also 3B Akinori Iwamura which the Devil Rays won.

OK. Listen up. And this is directed to the 30 GMs who read this blog as their bible. DONT DO IT! DON'T FALL FOR THE BAIT.

Over the years, I have heard a ton about "CAN'T / WON'T miss prospects...Todd Van Poppel was supposed to obliterate every pitching record in existance - or wait - was that Brien Taylor -- NO NO! It was Hideki Irabu...To offer upwards of 40 million JUST TO TALK to a player is outlandish...then they HAVE to sign with a US ball club or they "lose face" to the nation of the rising sun. This is a dangerous trend for the MLB to fall into. The Japanese players could not even be worth their weight in Sushi. Then, every star there will be pumped up as a CAN'T /WON'T miss that will costs clubs dollars that will make accountants cringe to arms that twinge.

What I don't like about Daisuke Matsuzaka is that he overpitches. If he's so good, why did it take him 260 pitches for a nine inning game (or so lore goes). If the Japanese relish 3-2 counts, that's fine. But he is NEVER taken out of games. Let's see him go 9+ innings against more powerful hitters.

I saw a video of his alleged gyro ball (go to YouTube.com and type his name in)...To me, it was not impressive. It was like watching grass grow.

Glad it was the Red Sox that dumped the coin. Fans are still sore after the Sam Horn debaucle.

Mets Musings...My wish list includes Soriano to come in at second with Valentin backing him up. Anderson Hernandez can spell these guys, but deserves a chance too...Can we bring back John Olerud?...Glad Carlos Delgado decided to come back...I (tongue in cheek) salute him...Guillermo Mota - thanks for embarrasing us. 50 games is a good start to sit out...Willie Randolph, forgive me for saying this, but he's not all that.

Hey, it's late. I have to go to bed...I'll be back..thanks for staying awake through this...and in destiny's name - please comment! I welcome them. (You can even be anonymous!)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Free Agents - What Should We Do... OR What we Should Do!

The World Series is over and now it is time to make the "LIST" - In this corner here, we feel as this is a shopping list...Basically we need bread and butter for the team.

Below (so far) are the Mets who filed for free *Greed* agency. Here' are my humble comments combined with some gut instinct. I haven't had the time to analyze who to pick up from other teams. This is only the first time (and of many to come) of the F.A. market this fall/winter:

New York Mets-------------
Chad Bradford, RHP - Keep. A good submarine pitcher is hard to find.
Cliff Floyd, OF - Cliff, we love ya and want you to stay. Please overcome the injuries. Though it seems as you have a penchant for lists...Disabled list, free agent list.
Orlando Hernandez, RHP - El Duque. Good arm and resurrected with the Mets. Welcome to stay on. Between you and Julio Franco, we need some good 50-year-olders.
Roberto Hernandez, RHP - Roberto - I still can't figure out WHY the Pirates, one of the worst teams in the league, would dump a pitcher of D-level caliber. There are many nice independent leagues that would welcome your arm. I hear Cedar Rapids is lovely in May.
Ricky Ledee, OF - Ricky, you were a Philly once, and so was Lenny Dykstra. Tap into him as I am sure he will be more than happy to employ you at his car wash in 2007.
Guillermo Mota, RHP - A bit of a surprise for '06, but it seems like Willie Randolph is in love with Mota. Keep him signed to a one-year contract and then let's see what develops.
Darren Oliver, LHP - As aboe with Mota.
Steve Trachsel, RHP - Bon Voyage Steve.
Michael Tucker, OF - There ARE better players off the bench. At one time, he had potential. Now the word "marginal" comes to mind.
Jose Valentin, 2B - A big surprise after Anderson Hernandez went down early in the season. Good bat and a clutch hitter. But, let's keep in mind, he NEEDS to have the Jerry Stephenson philosophy from "Ball Four" He should be HAPPY to be on the team and if they shit in his hat, he'd gladly should put it on. (Kudos to Jim Bouton for capturing that quote in 1970).
Chris Woodward, 2B - A good fill-in player. Is he worth six figures?

And so the debate begins...