Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hall of Fame - Are any Eligible Ex-Mets Deserving???


I am a biased Mets fan. Let me get that out.

But, for the life of me, I am very practical when it comes to the Hall of Fame. This is a sanctuary that should honor SUPERSTARS, not marginal players. Unfortunately, the latter has been happening over the years as balloters feel compelled to vote SOMEONE in. No matter who -- or "who(m)."

The list of 2007 eligibles, plus carryovers from last year were announced. The link from the Hall of Fame and a brief overview of the players can be seen from this link:


Now, I wish I had the time to rate all of these players to give you my opinion. I will do this...(for those who care -- and I don't think my mom is one of them, but, Kudos to you mom if you are reading this.

There are just TWO candidates who jump out at me and are fully deserving. Quite simply, in order of preference, it is Tony Gwynn and Cal Ripken. If Tony had a finger for each batting title he won, he'd be a Polydactyly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polydactyly) That man could simply hit and his lofty batting averages certainly show it.

Cal Ripken, and the reason I put him second, is that the "streak" after awhile was man-made and based on the intent of breaking the Iron Horse's record of 2130. It didn't matter if Cal was hurt - his dad, the manager, would put him in the game. Take nothing away from Ripken, he was a superstar and an ambassador for the game.

Now, for the future of the former players who were Mets at one time or another. Here's my view on whether they will be enshrined...

Bobby Bonilla - PASS. Let's not talk about the obvious. (Pssst. As Allen Ludden would have said..."The Password, is 'tude.")

Tony Fernandez - A good shortstop/second baseman with a good glove. He was my favorite SS in the game back in the early 90s. His numbers were good, but I would not rate him a superstar. (I don't believe Don Mattingly is a Hall of Famer - and he has posted WAYYYY better numbers).

Orel Hershiser - One year with the Mets and not very memorable. 175 innings pitched, not even 90 strikeouts. Can't base his career on this sole season, but his total career numbers don't knock me over. A good man, and a morale builder around the clubhouse.

Bret Saberhagen - 2 Cy's still doesn't get him in with my criteria. I think he had some great years, but bounced around a bit after his days at KC. Only won 20 games twice. With seven of his 17 years in single digit wins, this guy still managed to pull down over $47 million in career salary.

Thanks for letting me spout. If you think its all drivel, tell me. If you agree with my opines - let's chat too!

Back soon. The winter talks are heating up. Sure to be more news for me to squawk about.

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