Sunday, July 22, 2007

Trade Deadline is Coming - Here's my Wish List

Is it too early for Christmas?

Depends who you ask. I want to celebrate mine a little early this year - specifically (for those who have not caught on yet) in October.

What do we need to do to get that?

Here's an around the horn:

1B - Delgado is doing fine and I don't think there is a need for a change.

2B - Let's get rid of the revolving door and have a bit of stability. We finally did that with #3B and SS (I am not even going to regale you with how many -- 90+, maybe 100+ -- gents played the hot sack since the Mets began. So, with Valentin hurt, and Gotay & Easely capable, we need an everyday player whose name should be pre-printed in the line-up. Kaz Matsui was the next to walk on water and he sank. So, I am reverting back to a previous blog post about getting Brian Roberts. He hits, he steals and he is good with the glove. We did well in the past with the Orioles (Beat em in the 69 World Series, got John Maine, dumped Kirk Benson, plus a few others). Who do we give up? Schoenwiess - maybe Pelfrey.

SS and 3B - Unless you think I am from Pluto, these two are a rock on the left side of the infield. I hope they will break the record of Alan Trammel and Lou Whitaker for infield team mates.

C - Lo Duca is good. No question, he is streaky with the bat. Unless you can get Vartiek or Ivan Rodriguez on the cheap, Lo Duca should mind the dish for a few more years before he's worn out.

OF - If you take the folks who patrolled the "7" spot in the outfield and matched them with the gents at 2B, the permutations would be endless. Griffey, if he is available would be a good source. Pelfrey for Griffey plus a prospect? I'd pull the trigger quicker than Lee Harvey Oswald did.

Beltran, though his bat has been as strong as balsa wood at times should stay and let's keep Shawn Green until next year. 2008 we need to see Endy Chavez as a regular with Carlos Gomez platooning.

P - Only young, supple arms need apply. We have too many who are 40+ (wish I was talking seasonal wins here. Actually, I don't have an answer -- or a strong conviction -- who we should get to be on the mound for the second half of 2007, but we need someone strong. Gimme a few days.

Omar, let's have Xmas in July with a good acquisition, so we can have Xmas in October and then we can give nice Mets Xmas gifts in December.

Play Ball!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lasting's Impression

Ever since Lastings Milledge came up, the jury (ME) has been out on whether he is legit, a flash in the pan or a real life urban legend (think, David Clyde, Joe Charbonneau, Mark "The Bird" Fydrich, etc).

I have flipflopped on his ability so many times that even John Kerry told me to "Make up your mind."

I am reminded a bit of Neon Deion Sanders when he first came up. Tons of raw talent, a good athlete, may be rushed and lacking a few of the fundamentals, and, needs to learn the grind of day-in-day-out baseball.

Here's what I propose (and I know you are reading this Omar Minaya)...Give him until the trade deadline, if his numbers are not solid, take my advice for the following:

Lastings Milledge + Mike Pelfrey = Ken Griffey Jr. Surely, he would be better in the OF than Moises Alou.

Speaking of Moises, he better part the red sea and arrive on the dugout bench else this commandment should read:

Thou shall not have dead wood on thy roster.

Am I done pontificating? Yeah.

Play Ball!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Apparently, This is an OLD T-Shirt

Saw some guy walking around NYC today with a Nike shirt with a Yankee logo that said:

Numbers Don't Lie

Pal, you are right. 9 Games behind Boston and a record under .500. Glad a pinstriper fan finally admits it.