Thursday, July 31, 2008

Night Off

Mets are off...No deals before deadline. Not much to say, but glad Manny ain't a Met.

Mr. Torre, I feel sorry you have to manage this guy.

Omar, why couldn't you have at least tried for Adam Dunn?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bats In The Pelfrey

Lame title. Don't throw rotten fruit. Just throw fastballs to the opponent with a sprinkle of sliders, curves, etc.

So, a W got away from the Mets tonight and it looked like they ALMOST were going to mount a comeback in the 9th. Then the ether wore off and the Marlins were high-fiving each other.

Pelfrey pitched OK early on, but then couldn't keep the lead. He's finding his groove and a loss is expected now and then.

Phillies winning and Mets losing is not a good combination. As Ralph Kramden said, "natural enemies--like a boa constrictor and a mongoose."

This is the eve of the trade deadline...the Yankees fleeced another team by trading I-Rod for Kyle Farnsworth. Hey Detroit...what are you thinking?...And, I pray that the Red Sox dump Manny Ramirez to -- to -- anywhere BUT the Mets. He gives baseball a bad name. Perhaps an independent league in need of a mascot?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A W, Perez Was On and Wagner Lights Out

The subject says it all...

Good effort men. Let's see what happens with the impending trading deadline...if anything. Texiera went west. Had Delgado continued to founder, Tex may have been wearing blue and orange..

Personally, a long day today and a long one tomorrow...Peace out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fish Got REEL Good

Emotional see-saw for tonight's game. I am not feeling chipper enough to offer a pithy (or pissy) analysis. But, I do want to say that Fernando Tatis is an unheralded hero to this team.

In the coming days, I have an idea for a blog which I will explore a bit, so dear reader (I am assuming one other person besides me reads this. Would love for it to be plural, so friend, help me out and tell another friend about this blog).

A question mark is probably over the head of John Maine as he left the game with some tightness. Let's hope its minor. Quick L tonight, lick the wounds...

Go get the fish tomorrow, you scrappy Metropolitans.

Interesting Note...So, I see that Hanley Ramirez, who was taken within the first 5 players amongst us Fantasy League types, has an odd stat. 24 Slams over the Wall, but only 47 RBI. Yes, he's a leadoff guy, but still, that seems delgado (er, Spanish for Skinny).

MALCONTENT ALERT -- Playing Major League ball is the dream of millions of kids (and probably ten times as many adults), but you have every now and then, someone who had to be beat with a monkeywrench as a child. In this case, I am talking about the soon-to-be-Ex-Red Sox, Manny Ramirez. No player in baseball has been tagged more loony than him. This dude definitely has toys in the attic. His latest remark of (paraphrased) I'm tired of the Red Sox and they are tired of me" is absolutely asinine. Manny, stay away from the Mets. We don't want your antics. Matter of fact, this wanna-be-MLBer-scribe says leave the game, immediately and give some chap in Triple-A a chance to get to the bigs. We are wise to your game and you cried WOLF (not Randy Wolf) too many times. To quote Clubber Lang of Rocky fame, "I pity the fools who pick him up next..."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Johan - Simply Complete

So, today I was one of a couple of thousand people in the seats at Shea and all I have to say is if you weren't there today, you missed a thriller.

Santana was just perfect. Had a no-no going for several innings despite few strikeouts. Every player on the team came out of the game with a hit and the starting 9 was the finishing 9.

Box Score

Tatis kept whacking the ball. Santana delivered two hits, had an RBI and the first complete game of the year for the Mets. Complete games are rare. In fact, I think this is the first one I have been to in....well, since Hector Was a Pup.

And, the WOW play of the game was Beltran's amazing catch robbing the Cardinals of a Home Run.

Check out this story...

Glad I was was a game for the ages.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Battling Back

Mets are showing resiliency tonight going toe-to-toe with the Cardinals. I have a funny feeling it will end as a 1-run game.

Duaner Sanchez - it was just pointed out, faced 7 batters in this series against the cards and gave up 6 hits. Seems like he and Delgado switched places on being the goat.

2 HRs for Delagdo. Who wudda thunk that would happen during the Randolph years...

On another note, my butt has a place at the game tomorrow. Can't wait to smell the Shea Air.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Looks Like the Mets Beat The Vatican Cardinals

A few weeks ago, Carlos Delgado was a Pariah in the House. An anemic .203 average (give or take- but let's be realistic and take - .201), bad fielding and just no production mixed in with Ks (forward AND backward ones). But, today is July 25 and Delgado had a hell of a month and could realistically be named Player of the Month. A solid HR - his 20th was amongst the highlights of the Mets W over the St. Louis Cardinals (Box Score). OH, but wait, there's more..

Mike Pelfrey, whom I was ready to give away for a bucket of practice balls and a fungo bat and maybe even a used batting glove (for reference, see most posts of 2007! :) ) has come into his own. The confidence is there and the batters are taking him seriously. 7 Solid innings and over his last few starts, his ERA is 2.57. That's what it USED to be after 1/3 inning!

The one area where I still get a little trepidation is that 8th inning...Duaner (HEY TAXI) Sanchez has a predisposition to put runners on. Heilman, is like, well, John Kerry. Flip-flop on whether the mound time will be good or bad.

Cardinals look beatable. In fact, Albert Pujols, arguably the best all-around player (Here's where I have to tout Jose Reyes with his triples) looked like he was an 80-year-old Cardinal from Vatican City. 0-for-5 with 3Ks. Time to light a candle. Santana goes on Sunday and my ass will be planted in the stadium. GO METS!

In the Who Gives a Rat's Ass Dept...So, the following article appears on MLB.Com "Hampton slated to make return Saturday" The sub-head says it all - He hasn't pitched in 3 years in the majors. What is so special about this guy? I thought he left the Mets for the Rockies because they had a better school system? What's he then doing in Atlanta? Why? Why? Why? A very good friend of mine who happens to reside in the same state where Hampton's employer is, summed it up. Take it away O.H. "Hampton is pitching tomorrow if he doesn't pull a muscle wiping his ass in the morning." Sadly, he's accurate. Hampton is as fragile as origami. He put many young pitcher's careers in the shredder waiting for his spot. My prediction? He will make Micah Owings recent outings look like Sandy Koufax in the early 60s.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First PLACE! How Do You Spell Oliver Perez? K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K-K

The following prognostications, taken singly, would have put anyone in the loony bin had they been evoked in May:
  • The Mets are in first place
  • Oliver Perez will be consistent
  • Carlos Delgado will hit - AND be the catalyst to the Mets getting in first place

OK all ye (me included) Oracle consultors, all three are true. We are not in the loony bin, but in first place. It took an afternoon delight and a win over the Phils to get there.

But, Hey, I'm happy. A good sign is that Delgado, whom I put on a train to New Orleans -- or anywhere for that matter -- early this season, is now hitting and in clutch situations. Let's just hope the early mishaps were seasonal slumps.

Now we are in first. As the John Bon Jovi lyrics state in Livin on a Prayer:

Ohhhh We're Half-Way There....(Everybody sing)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It All Comes Together -- and !Voila! - A win!

Good contest tonight against the Phillies. The bonehead plays were sequestered away (for good I hope) and the Mets plowed through a W. It was a nice gesture for Bret Myers to load the bases and give us a free run in the first inning. Box Score...

The highlight was the sweet swing HR by Jose Reyes. The more he hits, the more the Mets hustle.

Now, for a good sign - Wagner pitching good despite the issue with his arm the other day.

Tomorrow, a day game - 12 noon. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the game due to work obligations, but will be sneaking a listen on the radio.

As Kevin James says on the Big Screen at Shea... LLLLLLLLET'S GO METS!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008 like BOOOOOOOOO

OK. See the picture at the left? Now its time to match the image with the situation of the July 22 Mets game where they imploded in the last inning to the Phillies. After "securing" a 5-2 lead, all that was needed was 3 cheap outs.

With Wagner out, Duaner (HEY TAXI) Sanchez was called in for closing duties. Instead, it looks like the same Taxi came by and prevented the door from being shut on the Phillies.

So, now it's time to test your prowess...

A. Carlos Beltran for lazily strolling to two bloop-like flies in the 9th.
B. Duaner Sanchez for Loading em up
C. Jose Reyes for allowing an infield hit and not stepping on the bag with bases loaded
D. Pedro Feliciano for bobbling a chance for an ending inning double play with a toss to first.

As I am writing this, its now the bottom of the 9th, one on, down by 3, Wright just struck out. You know what, I am going to end this just like the Sopranos..

As the pitch is being thrown, the music is queued up... "DON'T STOP BELIEVING...."

Fade to Black

Box Score

Monday, July 21, 2008

Let The Games Begin

No. I am NOT talking about the Olympics (but on a selfish, side note, I can't WAIT to see the track and field).

The games I am talking about take on more of a Herculean proportion as the Mets and Phils square off. With both teams jockeying for first, this will be more of mental test than physical but whoever scores the most runs, against their opponent will win. The trick is to combine the two and tune out the negative.

Both teams have had their fair share of Ws and Ls. Can our young pitchers beat their old timers? Will our old timers be able to face their young arms? The likes of Hamels scares me a bit.

They say that phrase occasionally, "Tomorrow is another day" if they only KNEW...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In The Red

A good game, for sure today. A lot of nerve wracking, but the contest was decided so well in the last innings. Robinson Cancel had his - yes, you are reading this correctly - his first extra base hit since 1999, and after the hustle and the insurance runs in the ends, I feel like partying like its 1999.

Kudos to Jose Reyes for recording his 63rd Career triple with the Mets and that put him in first on the all time list. While I don't have the stats in front of me, I'm sure he got to most of the milestone numbers before any of the other Mets.

Wagner was simply lights out. 3Ks. What more can one ask from a closer?

Back tomorrow. We are commandeering the lead against the team 90 or so miles south of Shea.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

HEY! Bad Looking! What Were You Thinking? - and other Foibles of the Night

The Reds are not what you would call Red Hot -- Unless you have only seen the last two games against the Mets.

I'm going to be short and sweet here (oh, by the way, the title of this blog is supposed to be a lame take off of the great Hank Williams hit: Hey Good Lookin' (Whatcha Got Cookin...).

Beltran was horrendous on the two flies hit his way. Even the Russian judge would have given him a 9.9 for performance. And the deal with Beltran AND Wright looking at a 3-2 pitch from the never heralded Mike Lincoln, who, in my opinion, looked more formidable than Honest Abe Lincoln.

Lets dust em off and get tomorrow. Good thing the Phils lost, so there IS a race going on.

Box Score

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Loss? Man, that is rare

So, the Mets tallied an L for the first time since the Grover Cleveland administration (the first term, not the second). And it was bound to happen. But the feeling from this round corner is that it is no big deal...Maine wasn't himself, and from what stat has been bandied about post game, he has gone only 19 innings in the last 4 starts. Not great, but starting pitching needs to come around and go 7. I promise not to go postal here with pitch counts, etc.

A little bit better execution could have happened. Beltran legged out a valiant triple to lead off the inning and no one could get him the fare to travel 90 feet that inning. This is the type of plays that win or lose ball games. I believe the word I am searching for is "decisive."

Pedro's start has been pushed back and El Duque didn't exactly wow them in his rehab, so we must be on guard here.

Tomorrow we take on the Reds again. Let's get 2 outta three and attribute Meat Loaf's mantra, "Two out of three ain't bad"

Thursday, July 17, 2008

X in A Reau

10 in a Row. Ten in a Rau. It all sounds the same -- GOOD.

Mets are now EARNING their wins with some hard fought come from behind victories and not laying down when an opponent has crossed the plate more than they have.

Santana pitched so-so, but the lesson here is that everyone must contribute. AND, how about that Fernando Tatis. Is he on track to becoming "Comeback Player of the Year?" Every year there is a hidden Gem and he appears to be a leading candidate.

One note I want to share is that on ESPN radio today, Peter Gammons was asked which of the two New York baseball teams he thought could go to the playoffs - without hesitation, he said the Mets as they were "the hottest team in baseball."

That, I may add is excellent kudos, considering the Mets were at the 40 degree below mark (Centigrade AND Fahrenheit -- kiddies, look up this stat and reference, you will be amazed) -- ice cold.

We'll catch up. The weekend is coming and we are tied with the Phils for first place. Did I just write that? Yes. Can I believe it? Why, uh, YES!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catching the Phillies - and Other Perps

Mets are closer to the Phillies than ever before. Within the last 45 days, doom and gloom were the thematics being bandied about by fans (and the legions who were joining the ranks of ex-fans or hopelessly disenchanted).

But in this bizzaro world, the team has come together and not only is it mathematically possible, it is also attitudinely (man, is that a word?) probable.

It is always best to sit in second but in striking distance. Takes the pressure off and inspires better play. An example I can recall is circa 1993 when the Yankees and Blue Jays were going at it gang busters. No matter what the Jays did, they stayed in first, but the Yankees stayed pounding away. This is what the Mets need to do. It is probably best to break out of the catbird seat (hope I am using this phrase correctly) and then take the lead around mid-August.

Let's see what Omar has up his sleeve for the trade deadline. I have a feeling a big name will come east, but the key is not to deplete the farm.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Roster --- WOW...Like a Shopping List...

Taking a break during the All Star Game and its amazing the players that are on the field. Some folks are watching to see who is superior, the AL or NL. I am watching it for scouting purposes -- NOT for fantasy baseball, but for reality baseball. Or, who I want to see on the Mets.

Let's try to grab Matt Holliday and perhaps a pitcher and first baseman for next year. It will also be interesting as the trading deadline is a mere two weeks away.

Speculation on who will be going where is probably coming in a subsequent blog post.

I am now waiting for David Wright to get into the game and, hopefully, seeing our Billy Wagner.

OH, for a wishlist of two middle relievers, let's take a look at Heath Bell and Octavio Dotel. Hmmmm....seems as these guys were wearing blue and orange a few years ago. Hell, if you can bring back Bobby Bonilla, these chaps are worth a shot.

Something in the "this can't be for real" department...A local blood organization which I donate regularly, will be offering Mets tix for an upcoming donation...AND the chance to win and autographed Bobby Bonilla baseball. I rather have a plain ball --- it's worth more.

Monday, July 14, 2008

All Star Break Ramblings...

Only one Met in the All Star classic. Ironic, huh? I am well aware that the voting closed awhile back, but just as the Mets gain the momentum, chaps like Jose Reyes don't make the team. And, for the record, it was like pulling teeth to get David Wright there.

As a young'un, I really used to love the summer classic. Where else could you see the best in one stadium. But, as time went on, the feeling got a bit diluted with the over-hyped and over-played interleague games. But, it was fun to watch Josh Hamilton sail a bunch over the fences.

Condolences to the family of Bobby Murcer. A class act all around.

Last night, I was at the Mets-Rockies game. Pelfrey was electric.

Back tomorrow. Writing lightly, but posting nonetheless.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let's Sweep The Rockies

So, with Sunday's schedule filling up on our end, I am writing this post in advance. Looking forward to the win tonight and sweeping Colorado. Apologies to my dear friends at Atrato (inside joke).

To reflect my confidence, I picked up Mike Pelfrey as a starter in my fantasy league for today.

He's been throwing heat. Since he tossed that mouthguard, his concentration is in the strike zone and not juggling some piece of plastic with 32 teeth.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Tone Changes

So, I am a positive, upbeat person, but the way the Mets played early on this year, the only way to write about was to criticize, lament and try to prevent that tear from falling in your beer.

Today, the Mets took the Rockies again and extended their winning streak to 8. Hope is eternal. Delgado, whom I was willing to trade for a fungo bat and a few practice baseballs earlier in the year, has come around and is connecting. Fernando Tatis is the latest of Mets sensations which earlier in the year included Ryan Church and Angel Pagan. (side note, where IS Angel Pagan these days? Perhaps paling around with J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon? No one has mentioned him at all of late save for "he's on the DL.:

The asset the Mets have is that the underheralded players, a la Damon Easely and the aforementioned chaps in the preceding paragraph all have the capability to turn the game around. That is what makes baseball exciting.

We have to see what is up with Pedro after today's game. And, tomorrow, it is Pelfrey, under the lights on the night game. (wonder if CowBell Man is going to be at the game tomorrow?)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Who would have ever bet the Mets would win seven in a row in May, must feel like a sage now. Tonight was a good, hard fought, low scorer - 2-1 against Colorado. Seems like Ollie Perez and Maine are eating the same cereal and drinking the same water. Lot of strikeouts, low runs, but also a lot of walks.

Hey. I'm going to be honest. I'm a bit tired here, so the prose, ranting, wisdom and acting as a GM will conclude.

Back tomorrow. Late afternoon game and then one on Sunday night -- which I am attending.

Box score

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nice W over the Giants...Barry Zito? Zee-WHO???

I had the chance to take in some of the game today, live, in-person. It was the day before my final day at my job and I decided that Shea would be my venue for my lunch Menu.

Maine, in my opinion was paradoxical. He had several strikeouts, but looked like he was struggling and he put a lot of homo sapiens on base by issuing 4 balls out of the strike zone.

A bit later, I had to leave. My supervisor called for a 4pm meeting, so I left in the bottom of the 5th. OH, when I got back to the office, the meeting was canceled, else I would have parked it in the blue seats at Shea. A special thanks to the unnamed guy who gave me an extra ticket he had when I got shooed away from sneaking into the Box area. Us die hard Mets fans watch out for each other.

A special Kudos to Fernando Tatis who is tattooing the ball. A guy I sat next to at the game today had a British accent. He used to live in the US and then moved back to his native UK, but told me he catches ALL the Mets games online. He said he wasn't too familiar with Tatis, but as I was about to leave, he told me he liked the way he played. Can't argue with that London Logic.

So, the word Streak can now be used in a positive way as the Mets put more than 5 Ws together. It is all a matter of time. It's not how fast you play in May, but where you end up in late September.

For the true stat junkies, here is the box score.

Something else to ponder...I was listening to Steve Somers on WFAN and the topic was who to trade for Matt Holliday of the Rockies...a consensus was Aaron Heilman, and if you had to, Pelfrey. I'd go an alternative route: Heilman, Schoenweis and a prospect.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2 Straight Shutouts Against the Giants...SO, What is the Downside?

There isn't any! Mets are playing better all around. Pitching is out of the funk. Leads are being held and extra bases are being sought.

True, the Giants aren't exactly league-beaters, but, the momentum is important and confidence is being built up. (In the fan base too!).

Santana pitched great and finally got a decision. Let's go for the Sweep~

Looking forward to reporting on the game tomorrow.

NOTE: According to RotoWire, Moises Alou is rehabbing well. Played a few innings and is going for a complete game in Binghamton. They also state: Spin: If Alou is able to remain healthy the next few days - which may be a feat all to itself - then he likely will be activated Friday.
RotoWire Wed, July 9
-- This should be interesting. He's a great hitter, no doubt. but a bit on the fragile side.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Pelfrey - I Like-Y

So, Mike Pelfrey has turned me from a crusty curmudgeon "atheist" in his ability to a believer. A friend of mine, who used to do an occasional guest blog here (MAC) said to me last year, Pelfrey is legit. Wait. I did for a bit, but got tired (Jerseyites give about 10 seconds, TOPS!).

In the last 5 starts, he brought it around. In a fantasy league I am in, I stupidly traded Tim Linceum early in the year making a bold prediction he would suffer a sophomore jinx. Some freakin sage I am, right? Well, I was going to pick up Pelfrey for a spot start tonight, but surmised it would be a loss against the Mighty Tim.

Pelfrey put up some good numbers, didn't issue a BB and had 7 shutout innings. Plus, the team knocked the ball around including Argenis Reyes (pictured) with his first hit. For those who saw the broadcast, the ball was rolled back to the dugout, grabbed by Fernando Tatis (Yes, an HR tonight!) and he faked a toss into the crowd with a dummy ball.

Giants don't have much of an offense, but their mound presence is strong. Should be a good series. Just 1 1/2 games out. Don't ever discount the Mets -- NOT EVER.

Monday, July 07, 2008

How Do You Squander a 10-1 Lead?

BOX SCORE -- As I start this entry, we are in the bottom of the 9th. Wagner put the first man on, then the second and struck out Ryan Howard -- who hit a Jeffrey Maier assisted type Home Run earlier.

Pedro pitched brilliantly. The score was 10-1.

A series of runs (not Mets) begin crossing the plate.

Back to Wagner. two outs, two strikes...simple scenario expected, right? No. Base hit up the middle which Wagner seemed to refuse to deflect and two runs score. A sloppy win, but its a win and the Mets squeak 3 of 4 from the Phillies.

For the first time since June 5, the team is over .500 (45-44) - Thanks to SNY for the stat.

I guess the name for an apropos TV show would be "Survivor" for the Mets. Narrowly staying on.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Waiting at the DMV Can Now Be a Pleasant Experience...

Today was a "Perfect Storm" of sports events. But, all seemed to run long time wise beyond expectations.

Wimbledon started and was stopped by two rain delays. (I tuned into a little of that).
Track and Field Championships for the US Olympic team caught my eye.
Tour de France (as a cycler, I envy these bikes..WOW)
And, the Mets...

What a long, entertaining, spine-tingling, spellbinding affair. Ollie Perez was Brilliant! (YES, I said that!) and I think he finally has his confidence back to pitch tough against a tough team and hold them to only 1 run.

Beltran's stick was stellar. Reyes was spot on with the acrobatic defense.

But, Wagner, Oh My. Did he put us through the hoops. 2 Out. 2 Strikes in the 9th. Up by two...then BOOM. A tie.

I have to add here, that in a spirit of serendipity, I fell asleep on the couch during part of the rain delay. I woke up, no lie, just as the first pitch was about to be thrown. Chalk one up for efficiency.

So, as the game was tied, we were running out of players and pitchers. I immediately thought of that Bugs Bunny episode where he was stranded on an island with 2 matches. Well, Tatis, the man who hit two grannies in an inning back in '99 pulled through again. It is nice to see another #17 (Kudos to Keith Hernandez) hitting and winning.

Two down, we gave the Phils one and Monday its ours to take 3.

Box Score (lot of innings to absorb)

PET PEEVE TIME: OK, let's get a little more hardy and have pitchers face more than 1 batter or a third of an inning.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Awesome Come From Behind vs. First Place Phillies

See? The Mets DO have a good team full of hustle.

Admiration. Pride. Guts. That's what the fans need more of and the team will pull though. Honestly, after Ryan Howard tied the game with that monster 3-run HR, I thought the home field advantage would be the catalyst for the Phillies.

This is a good chance to rebound. The division is weak, so, the Mets aren't out of the running.

Lotta personnel in the game, but glad we pulled through....Sunday, away. (Wish it was Sunday Home so I could visit). Two more games in the series. I smell a 3-1 record.

Box score for posterity (and pride)

Friday, July 04, 2008

(J.) Manuel vs. (C.) Manuel - Nothing Automatic

Good game. Bad luck for the Mets. Santana was brilliant - at least I thought. Both managers, named Manuel. Interesting.

Well, give this one to Philly as it is July 4 and they wrote the Constituion and other famous articles that shaped the country.

Mets are going to come back and win the next two and the series.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Pelfrey - Impressive

Watching Mike Pelfrey tonight against the Cardinals has a calming effect.

Throught five innings, 55 pitches and a 9-0 lead.

Ball seems to be groovin in and consistently hitting between 90-93 mph.

He's turning to be an asset vs. a liability. That's what baseball is all about.

Happy 4th. Back tomorrow. Santana is pitching. Phils. Need to sweep these mustardpretzelcheesesteakers.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Little Rain Delay

Mets were gaining some nice mometum against the Cards, and then - BOOM. Rain.

There's talk about Alou coming off the DL (AGAIN). Let's hope this is the last time. Alou is an excellent contact hitter, but he's never around. Let's get realistic if he has to get "Listed" again and find a healthy player (AHEM! Matt Holliday will be available next year).

Remember, we don't want Alou to be our drawn out version of --- Mike Hampton.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tony Armas Junior -- Shemp? Zeppo?

Tony Armas Jr. pitched a good game tonight and the Mets have another contender in the pitching conundrum...Unlike a few years ago, the starting 5 seem to be rotating a bit and that fifth guy seems to be a different player.

Some have done well (Nelson Figueroa for his early starts) and some have done bad (Jorge Sosa). It seems to be an open audition, but we need to get someone ready for the show.

Bottom of the 9th as I write...Lets hope the Sandman shuts em down 1-2-3

Box Score