Friday, July 25, 2008

Looks Like the Mets Beat The Vatican Cardinals

A few weeks ago, Carlos Delgado was a Pariah in the House. An anemic .203 average (give or take- but let's be realistic and take - .201), bad fielding and just no production mixed in with Ks (forward AND backward ones). But, today is July 25 and Delgado had a hell of a month and could realistically be named Player of the Month. A solid HR - his 20th was amongst the highlights of the Mets W over the St. Louis Cardinals (Box Score). OH, but wait, there's more..

Mike Pelfrey, whom I was ready to give away for a bucket of practice balls and a fungo bat and maybe even a used batting glove (for reference, see most posts of 2007! :) ) has come into his own. The confidence is there and the batters are taking him seriously. 7 Solid innings and over his last few starts, his ERA is 2.57. That's what it USED to be after 1/3 inning!

The one area where I still get a little trepidation is that 8th inning...Duaner (HEY TAXI) Sanchez has a predisposition to put runners on. Heilman, is like, well, John Kerry. Flip-flop on whether the mound time will be good or bad.

Cardinals look beatable. In fact, Albert Pujols, arguably the best all-around player (Here's where I have to tout Jose Reyes with his triples) looked like he was an 80-year-old Cardinal from Vatican City. 0-for-5 with 3Ks. Time to light a candle. Santana goes on Sunday and my ass will be planted in the stadium. GO METS!

In the Who Gives a Rat's Ass Dept...So, the following article appears on MLB.Com "Hampton slated to make return Saturday" The sub-head says it all - He hasn't pitched in 3 years in the majors. What is so special about this guy? I thought he left the Mets for the Rockies because they had a better school system? What's he then doing in Atlanta? Why? Why? Why? A very good friend of mine who happens to reside in the same state where Hampton's employer is, summed it up. Take it away O.H. "Hampton is pitching tomorrow if he doesn't pull a muscle wiping his ass in the morning." Sadly, he's accurate. Hampton is as fragile as origami. He put many young pitcher's careers in the shredder waiting for his spot. My prediction? He will make Micah Owings recent outings look like Sandy Koufax in the early 60s.

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