Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2 Straight Shutouts Against the Giants...SO, What is the Downside?

There isn't any! Mets are playing better all around. Pitching is out of the funk. Leads are being held and extra bases are being sought.

True, the Giants aren't exactly league-beaters, but, the momentum is important and confidence is being built up. (In the fan base too!).

Santana pitched great and finally got a decision. Let's go for the Sweep~

Looking forward to reporting on the game tomorrow.

NOTE: According to RotoWire, Moises Alou is rehabbing well. Played a few innings and is going for a complete game in Binghamton. They also state: Spin: If Alou is able to remain healthy the next few days - which may be a feat all to itself - then he likely will be activated Friday.
RotoWire Wed, July 9
-- This should be interesting. He's a great hitter, no doubt. but a bit on the fragile side.

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