Monday, July 07, 2008

How Do You Squander a 10-1 Lead?

BOX SCORE -- As I start this entry, we are in the bottom of the 9th. Wagner put the first man on, then the second and struck out Ryan Howard -- who hit a Jeffrey Maier assisted type Home Run earlier.

Pedro pitched brilliantly. The score was 10-1.

A series of runs (not Mets) begin crossing the plate.

Back to Wagner. two outs, two strikes...simple scenario expected, right? No. Base hit up the middle which Wagner seemed to refuse to deflect and two runs score. A sloppy win, but its a win and the Mets squeak 3 of 4 from the Phillies.

For the first time since June 5, the team is over .500 (45-44) - Thanks to SNY for the stat.

I guess the name for an apropos TV show would be "Survivor" for the Mets. Narrowly staying on.

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