Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bats In The Pelfrey

Lame title. Don't throw rotten fruit. Just throw fastballs to the opponent with a sprinkle of sliders, curves, etc.

So, a W got away from the Mets tonight and it looked like they ALMOST were going to mount a comeback in the 9th. Then the ether wore off and the Marlins were high-fiving each other.

Pelfrey pitched OK early on, but then couldn't keep the lead. He's finding his groove and a loss is expected now and then.

Phillies winning and Mets losing is not a good combination. As Ralph Kramden said, "natural enemies--like a boa constrictor and a mongoose."

This is the eve of the trade deadline...the Yankees fleeced another team by trading I-Rod for Kyle Farnsworth. Hey Detroit...what are you thinking?...And, I pray that the Red Sox dump Manny Ramirez to -- to -- anywhere BUT the Mets. He gives baseball a bad name. Perhaps an independent league in need of a mascot?

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