Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All Star Roster --- WOW...Like a Shopping List...

Taking a break during the All Star Game and its amazing the players that are on the field. Some folks are watching to see who is superior, the AL or NL. I am watching it for scouting purposes -- NOT for fantasy baseball, but for reality baseball. Or, who I want to see on the Mets.

Let's try to grab Matt Holliday and perhaps a pitcher and first baseman for next year. It will also be interesting as the trading deadline is a mere two weeks away.

Speculation on who will be going where is probably coming in a subsequent blog post.

I am now waiting for David Wright to get into the game and, hopefully, seeing our Billy Wagner.

OH, for a wishlist of two middle relievers, let's take a look at Heath Bell and Octavio Dotel. Hmmmm....seems as these guys were wearing blue and orange a few years ago. Hell, if you can bring back Bobby Bonilla, these chaps are worth a shot.

Something in the "this can't be for real" department...A local blood organization which I donate regularly, will be offering Mets tix for an upcoming donation...AND the chance to win and autographed Bobby Bonilla baseball. I rather have a plain ball --- it's worth more.

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