Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It All Comes Together -- and !Voila! - A win!

Good contest tonight against the Phillies. The bonehead plays were sequestered away (for good I hope) and the Mets plowed through a W. It was a nice gesture for Bret Myers to load the bases and give us a free run in the first inning. Box Score...

The highlight was the sweet swing HR by Jose Reyes. The more he hits, the more the Mets hustle.

Now, for a good sign - Wagner pitching good despite the issue with his arm the other day.

Tomorrow, a day game - 12 noon. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the game due to work obligations, but will be sneaking a listen on the radio.

As Kevin James says on the Big Screen at Shea... LLLLLLLLET'S GO METS!

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