Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Short Tribute to my Late Friend, Dave (a big Mets fan)

I had the privilege of working with a great man in PR several years ago by the name of Dave Singer.

Dave was a unique individual. A fellow PR man like myself, but was always thinking about different things, ideas, businesses, etc. He was a pioneer in the comic book industry.  He created a freakin' unbelievable board game.  He knew PR and his knowledge was infectious.

I'll cut to the chase here. Dave was a big Mets fan. Diehard.  Defined the word Diehard.

Sadly, we lost him a few years ago to a debiliating disease.  He was a family man and his two sons are both big Mets fans.

I am honored we were good friends. When we would talk by phone, the first thing after the greeting, he would say, "let's talk about your son."

I went to the Mets home opener this previous Monday (see my blog I created for the company Web site - ) and for a moment, I closed my eyes and said, "Dave, this is going to be our year!"

Seven straight wins. The MAGIC is back.  It feels like 86 again.  But Dave was around in 86 to enjoy.

Let's all look above each time the Mets win.  Dave has good seats now.  I think he may be influencing many - maybe not PR folks, now, but baseball players who don the blue and orange pinstripes.

Dave, each W has your name on it.

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Rising from the Ashes...My Blog - But More Importantly, The METS!

It's been ages since I sat down, opened this web site and started writing about my favorite baseball team.

The last few years, I didn't have much to be jazzed about the happenings in the Flushing Zip Code, and, quite frankly, 2014 was the first time I did not go to one Mets game. At. All. Yeah, it surprised me too.  Probably the first break in action since the previous millenium.  Remaining a true fan, I watched at least one inning of every game since 2006, with a few exceptions due to travel.

I bleed blue and orange.  Always have. Always will.

Well, I like what I see with our Metropolitans.  And, yes, there is renewed hope.  Harvey looks like he's coming back, and will have a heck of a lot more strength and oomph than the Harvey that Ralph Kramden had to face.  DeGrom was a complete and pleasant surprise and watching him in spring training, it was good enough to realize he is the real deal.  That nice ROY trophy will be a springboard to better things.

Down on the farm, the prospects appear to be good, and with a few additions, like Michael Cuddyer, the long term signing of Lagares and a rejuvenation for David Wright, there  is a lot of hope.

Oh, and a victory on Opening Day against the onpapertoughWashingtonNationals.

Here's hoping the 2015 will replicate 1986.

Hoping for a Harbinger!