Friday, November 30, 2007

Pinch Me...Tell Me this is NOT true...

So, I am at my desk working today on a project, and a colleague, a die hard Mets fan, to get my attention, sends an IM to my cell phone that the Mets just traded Lastings Milledge to the Washington Nationals.

After going into a shock of denial, I realize its real....SO, I IM back - Who did they get? Austin Kerns? Wilfredo Cordero? If so, these in my mind, maybe Ryan Zimmerman, makes a little sense. But two chaps named Church and Schneider? Where the hell is the marquee value? I don't suspect these two newcomers will make Mets management wish they did not have only 45000 seats in the heretofore still in creation CitiField. (Can't you hear the logic? -- "If we get either of these guys, we will be a perpetual sellout"

So, the word "sellout" -- is that what Minaya was thinking?

I remember last year Milledge had some good value...what happened? Is something about to break with his rap records?

I hope, come March 31, I will believe in this trade....In this case, the jury is still out. And, my mindset is that of the Star Chamber courts...It will be hard to get my reversal. OK, time here for a disclosure. Last year I squawked a few times about trading Lastings, but for SOMEONE GOOD!