Saturday, March 31, 2007

Outta Hibernation - On the Eve of Opening Day

I thought this day would never get here, but, in approximately 23 hours as this is being written, we will have -- BASEBALL 2007!

And, what better way than to have the perfect team (a prediction of bookends coming up) - the Mets will win the first game of 2007 - AND the last (hint: WS).

Willie Randolph had a lot to evaluate during March and I am sure with the prodding of Omar Minaya, we will have a well rounded team. It's interesting to note the one thing that was of concern was the pitching rotation. Sure, the arms are old...that worries me a bit, but I like Pelfrey and do hope he is a plus for the future.

As expected, old timers Sandy Alomar, Jr., Ruben (I love how he kicks that leg up to bat) Sierra and Chan Ho Park will be all AAAers (better than AA)! Let's see if their candle goes out after this.

My prediction is the Mets will win 103 games this year - believe it or not, be mired in a 5-7 game losing streak, yet still pull ahead.

I am excited and can't wait to hear the sound of the bat and the screams of the fans.

I'll be posting more during the season...thank you wonderful audience. I would love to take you all home. (A two-seater is probably adequate!)

Musings...Glad Lastings Milledge got a new 'doo

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring Training Game - Vs. Baltimore - March 20

For the three or four folks who are die hard readers of my blog (and, for those tallying the census, I am counting the Siamese Twins as two to bolster my reader numbers), I had the chance to catch a few plays here and there of the game tonight between the Mets and the Baltimore Birds.

I like what I saw...As this is being written, its the bottom of the 8th and the Mets scored two from an Anderson Hernandez bases loaded single. Here's a guy who is on the bubble, but should be a Mets regular one day. I wrote about him before and distinctly remember his awesome catch last year in the opening week of the season.

Jose Reyes looked impressive. As you all know, I am a fan of the Triple and he made it look easy once again. Last year he hit 17 and I believe this year he will break the Mets club record of 21 by Lance "One Dog" Johnson. (Interlude a la Eugene O'Neil) -- He was called One Dog because when he ran the bases, he stayed "close to the rail" much like the dog in the first post position at a the puppy oval.

Another triple in the game was hit by Jose Valentin and this is a guy, who is Teflon. Should not have made the club last year, but man, he impressed and ran the bases well. (Jose, if you are reading this -- readership would be 5 -- note that you kept turning to watch the ball too much).

Oh, and Mike Pelfrey looked good too. Let's not wear him out, but bring him up right. In the past, the Mets ruined more arms than an autopsy doctor. (Paul Wilson, et al).

With the season opener 10 days away, I look forward to some good ball this year.

Again, thanks for stopping by, feel free to comment and if you are one of my 80,000 readers, walk around with pride! :) Did I say 80,000? Darn Cat stepped on the keyboard -- AGAIN!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A-Rod - A MET??? Let's See, the Definition of Heresy Is...

So there's a story in today's Record talking about "Shea-Rod" - Yes, (David Wright's Stats) as much as I love the kid, proclaims he would give up the Hot Corner if Mr. $252-Million-And-I-Am-Not-Pals-With-Derek-Jeter came to Flushing. (See story: Wright Wants Shea-Rod

Now, don't get me wrong. I am all for bettering the Mets (and the team finally "GOT IT" when they shed John Franco), but the dynamic of Wright at 3B, a position he played forever, just going away at this stage of the game is completely ludicrous. Remember, when A-Rod was with the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers, (Alex Rodriguez Stats ) he was either playing SS or DH. Now there is NO WAY us die hard Mets fans would let him go to SS and even get within the comfort radius of Jose Reyes - so, where is the logical place for him to play? Maybe 2B - that would be OK with me. And, before he goes spouting off (that is if I was GM and had him, I'd say that as a consummate player, he should be able to play anywhere in the infield.)

OK. I'm done ranting. A-Rod, you can come to Shea and play 2B...BUT, don't get any other ideas.