Saturday, March 31, 2007

Outta Hibernation - On the Eve of Opening Day

I thought this day would never get here, but, in approximately 23 hours as this is being written, we will have -- BASEBALL 2007!

And, what better way than to have the perfect team (a prediction of bookends coming up) - the Mets will win the first game of 2007 - AND the last (hint: WS).

Willie Randolph had a lot to evaluate during March and I am sure with the prodding of Omar Minaya, we will have a well rounded team. It's interesting to note the one thing that was of concern was the pitching rotation. Sure, the arms are old...that worries me a bit, but I like Pelfrey and do hope he is a plus for the future.

As expected, old timers Sandy Alomar, Jr., Ruben (I love how he kicks that leg up to bat) Sierra and Chan Ho Park will be all AAAers (better than AA)! Let's see if their candle goes out after this.

My prediction is the Mets will win 103 games this year - believe it or not, be mired in a 5-7 game losing streak, yet still pull ahead.

I am excited and can't wait to hear the sound of the bat and the screams of the fans.

I'll be posting more during the season...thank you wonderful audience. I would love to take you all home. (A two-seater is probably adequate!)

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Anonymous said...

The Mets are in a great position to make it to the WS, this due to the fact that several wild card teams have advanced to the WS in recent years. The wild card is their only hope now that the Braves have revamped their bull pen and have the starting pitching to handle anything the Mets can throw their way. Just hope that the Phillies don't sneak into the Wild Card slot and leave the Mets at home again when the playoffs begin. Maybe Mets fans won't again have to go thru the agony of seeing their 15 million dollar centerfielder stand there with the bat on his shoulder and watch a third strike go by, sending the Cards to the Series. The smart money in Calhoun says the Braves will be division champs once again.