Monday, April 19, 2010

Ike's We Like

First there was Dwight D. Eisenhower (don't know why they called him Ike, which according to Wikipedia is short for Issac -

This brings us to Ike's...

Ike's we don't like:
...[Hurriance] Ike

Ike's we like:
...Ike Broflovski

Ike's we are GOING TO LOVE!

First at bat = Hit. 

Hopefully he is a Beacon for us.  We should have the first base conundrum solved.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

20 Innings - The Mets Showed A Lot of Balls

In one of the strangest Mets games I have witnessed in years, the 20 inning shindig had me at the edge of my seat.  I wish I had the time to watch from first to last pitch, but a few things were done while multitasking.  Box Score:

In any event, who would have surmised the Mets would have been able to hold off Albert Pujols and friends by throwing 18 donuts on the scoreboard.  Usually, something prevails and one team is able to take advantage of it.

For sure, I thought it would get wacky when a relief pitcher came up with bases loaded.  As a Mets fan, we are prone to some interesting scenarios.  This is one we did not want to bear witness.

Kudos to Jerry Manuel for managing a good game.  When your bench gets short, you have to be smart.  I think bringing Pelfrey in was an edge over LaRussa's edict that a starter would not relieve.  Then again, the Mets should have walloped a few balls that position players (Lopez) was tossing in the strike zone (or near it).

This win gave the team a lot of confidence - and for the fans too.  As I write, the Mets are leading 3-0 in the Sunday night game.  Let's Go Mets!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thomas Paine had Foresight....

11-2 Rockies lead in the 7th.  Sloppy play allover...

"These are the times that try men's souls..."

This TRULY is the American Crisis

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Santana AND Perez LOSE to the Nationals - A Tale of Two Pitchers

Dickens starts out "A Tale of Two Cities" with the line:  "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times."

Funny how over a century later, this can be applied to two Mets pitchers.  The Best (Santana) of Pitchers and the Worst (Oliver Perez).  The uncommon ground is both lost to the worst team on paper - and theoretically, on the field, to the lowly Nationals.

A few bad breaks, but no excuses.  The line drive with the bases loaded on Friday night and the Willingham Granny HR didn't help much.

Yeah, we can get sour after this - as a colleague called - a True Litmus Test.  I think many of us are starting to turn purple.

See, Omar, you should have been more active in getting "A" quality players in the winter.  Now, the Boys of Spring and Summer in Queens are on the path to playing like the boys of the ice age.

Dickens also wrote Great Expectations...which I have.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Pass The Salt - This Crow I'm Eating...

If you read the previous blog post (hopefully someone reads this besides my mother - she's very sympathetic!) you will note a bit of dour sarcasm and fear that I had for the Mets.

Today, a good portion of that was alleviated.  They played with verve.  They surprised. They had magic - or as the Seinfeld episode once touted, "kevorka."

Wright's HR was spectacular.  It wasn't hit - it was launched.  Santana looked like the ace he was.  The ball he hurled moved with the right velocity and it baffled batters.  Just as his job description calls for.

So, now it comes time for me to don a bib, carefully take the knife and fork (as I learned in Finishing School) and dine on the crow that I must eat for being so --- dour. 

Wednesday we come back and take care of the Marlins again.  They are always a tricky team and you never know who will show up.

All I know is I am glad to be back!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

2010 - Put the Seatbelt On....Gonna Be a Long Ride

Thrilled to death the season is starting.  I am watching the Yankees-Red Sox game as I am writing this - but don't call me a traitor.  Not hopping on any bandwagons.  I'm a dyed (Blue and Orange) in the wool Mets fan through and through.

The reality is, we are going to have a tough year.  Omar sat and fiddled while great deals burned about him.  (Instead we are getting burned with D-List - a la Kathy Griffin - caliber players).  Jason Bay is going to be a welcome addition, but he won't carry the team.   Reyes. Beltran. Murphy - all question marks of what and when.

I see the pundits are putting the Amazins at third or fourth.  Pitching would be the linchpin that are going to move us.  And, before I start ranting, Omar, please, get rid of Perez.  I heard on WFAN that at least 10 teams would be interested in him - save for that Stimlus-like salary package.  If he starts to slide, time to move him.  Personally, I would watch out for the Nationals.  They did a lot of rebuilding with some good lunchpail players.

Going to go out on a limb here -- Eric Byrnes will be Comeback Player of the Year.  Omar, you could have had him cheap.  But, as Ralph Kramden, of Honeymooners fame said, "What do I know, I'm just a blogger."

And, speaking of, I am glad to be back blogging for my beloved team!