Sunday, April 04, 2010

2010 - Put the Seatbelt On....Gonna Be a Long Ride

Thrilled to death the season is starting.  I am watching the Yankees-Red Sox game as I am writing this - but don't call me a traitor.  Not hopping on any bandwagons.  I'm a dyed (Blue and Orange) in the wool Mets fan through and through.

The reality is, we are going to have a tough year.  Omar sat and fiddled while great deals burned about him.  (Instead we are getting burned with D-List - a la Kathy Griffin - caliber players).  Jason Bay is going to be a welcome addition, but he won't carry the team.   Reyes. Beltran. Murphy - all question marks of what and when.

I see the pundits are putting the Amazins at third or fourth.  Pitching would be the linchpin that are going to move us.  And, before I start ranting, Omar, please, get rid of Perez.  I heard on WFAN that at least 10 teams would be interested in him - save for that Stimlus-like salary package.  If he starts to slide, time to move him.  Personally, I would watch out for the Nationals.  They did a lot of rebuilding with some good lunchpail players.

Going to go out on a limb here -- Eric Byrnes will be Comeback Player of the Year.  Omar, you could have had him cheap.  But, as Ralph Kramden, of Honeymooners fame said, "What do I know, I'm just a blogger."

And, speaking of, I am glad to be back blogging for my beloved team!

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