Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Met Most Likely To...(Courtesy of Dugout Central)

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The New York Met Most Likely To… in 2008
Published by Tom Swidorski on January 29, 2008 03:31 pm under Mets
I was on the Forum Message Board at the Pirates site at MLB.com and came across a post by jerkstore1 (yes, I kid you not – jerkstore1) entitled: “The Pittsburgh Pirate Most Likely To… in 2008.” Got me thinking about how this list would apply to the Mets. So thanks to jerkstore1 for this:

The New York Met Most Likely To… in 2008

  • Throw a clubhouse tantrum… Billy Wagner / Scott Schoenweiss
  • Repeat last years performance… Scott Schoenweis / Carlos Delgado (not predicting a good year)
  • Be booed… Carlos Delgado / Same
  • Lead the team in Home Runs… Carlos Beltran / David Wright
  • Be Mr. Consistent… David Wright / Same
  • Spend more than a month on the DL… Orlando Hernandez / Moises Alou / Jose Valentin
  • Suffer a season ending injury… Moises Alou / Same (he's powerful and makes in impact when he's not brittle)
  • Spend time on the New Orleans/NY shuttle… Angel Pagan / Anderson Hernandez
  • Have more playing time than expected… Ramon Castro / Endy Chavez
  • Lead the league in pinch hits… Marlin Anderson / Same
  • Have a stellar comeback season… Duaner Sanchez / Lord, do I hope!
  • Lead the team in blowing late inning leads… Aaron Heilman / Are you kidding? Schoenweis will get the nod here
  • Get injured during a post game, on-field celebration… Jose Reyes / Some relief pitcher TBD
  • Take his performance to the next level… John Maine / Same
  • Take a step back… Oliver Perez / Carlos Delgado
  • Become a team leader… Brian Schneider / TBD
  • Play more than 3 positions… Damion Easley / Same
  • Play all 3 outfield positions in one game… Ryan Church / Endy Chavez
  • Become a surprise member of the N.L. All-Star team… Pedro Martinez / Again, "Lord, do I hope!"
  • Be thankful he’s not in Minnesota… Luis Castillo / JOHAN SANTANA!!!!!!!
Now My Original

  • Most likely anti smoking commerical to be revised again? / The Spanish guy who said 'Nothing will ever the be the sane again, not even the simple things."

You've Got To Change Your Evil Ways --- Whoops - Wrong Santana, No, Wait - We Got the RIGHT Santana (and I DON'T Mean Rafael)

This afternoon, my email box and IM's were all triggered by a one second blip on the atomic clock. Well, not literally, but the instant the deal for Johan Santana was announced, it would be inevitable that I weigh in.

You see, some people, their blood is red, some real rich society folks are said to have blue blood. Passionate Mets fans like me, have Blue and Orange Blood (with occasional black trim).

So, USA Today reported the deal: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/2008-01-29-twins-mets-santana_N.htm and I have to say, I am happy with it.

It boils down to proven quantity vs. prospects. How many 'can't miss' guys actually did? I can name a few - Brien Taylor, Todd Van Poppel, Paul Wilson, David Clyde, Joe Charboneau, etc. It is especially tough when it comes to pitching prospects and that's what the Mets gave up. I think of it as a Deal or No Deal....Here you are offered a lot, but what's in the case? Not sure. Take a sure thing and that is what Santana is. He is going to be a catalyst player and get the wins where we fell short last year (read into this: Mike Pelfrey -- who I was very high on...the jury is out, but skeptical).

Santana's #'s are mind boggling -- AND, HE'S ONLY 29!!!!!

So, let me throw this out...how many were shocked when Glavine left? I wasn't. After that debacle of the last game of the year in '07 when he gave up like 7-8 runs in 1-2 innings (see, I'm scarred on that as I can't -- or refuse -- to remember the nightmarish specifics). Glavine would have been a pariah. Santana makes up for that and more.

Torri Hunter, a long time Twins teammate said this in the USA Today article:

"The Mets are not only getting a Cy Young winner," Hunter said, "but an absolute bulldog who's great in the clubhouse. He's going to dominate that league. They're going to absolutely love him in New York."

How cool is that?

Let's take a quick look at Santana's stats: http://www.baseball-reference.com/s/santajo02.shtml 8 years and a winning percentage of .679; Two Cy Young Awards (2004, 2006); 1381 K's in 1308 innings; etc. I don't want to get too rosy, but do want to point out a chink in the armor - he surrendered 33 HRs to place first on the list. Paradoxical if I must say so myself.

Lets dip back to what the Mets gave up -- all solid minor leaguers. I will make a prediction that 1 of the pitchers will have a stellar career. 1 will wash out and one will be average. As for Carlos Gomez, that is something to ask the Magic 8 Ball.

Thanks for reading. The sound of bats striking balls is only a few weeks away in spring training

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Resolutions, Albeit a Few Days Late

Welcome to 2008.

I like the sound of it, and I also like the sound of "___________World Series Champions, 2008." If the two words, 'The" and "Mets" occupy the above phrase, it will be the most melodious sound of the year. If not, it will be, another year in Hades.

So, the baseball winter meetings came and went. For some sarcastic (READ: Accurate) reason, I feel there was nothing accomplished for the Mets, save for a few Marginal players. Again, I challenge the new chaps to the team to prove me wrong, but when Omar was there, he should have pulled the trigger -- however, the trigger in reality was that of a pop gun with a weak sticky at the end.

As far as Tom Glavine going back to the Braves. Yeah? So? I gave up on him being a Panacea and after last years game where he gave up 7 runs in the first inning, his best bet was to call J.D. Salinger, Thomas Pynchon and Osama bin Schmuck for a foursome card game. Glavine would be ridiculed beyond compare had he stayed in NY.

Also, I am glad the Guillermo Mota is gone too. Pack your bag (clear glassine, that is with whatever is in it) and enjoy Beer Town there Willie.

For 08, I want to see a little more strength all around in the pitching and hopefully a big name like Johan Santana. Who would I give up if I was Omar? Pelfrey would surely be in the cog of the equation.

I am also glad the Mets got rid of Lo Duca RIGHT before the steroid scandal. In the boroughs, he would get taunted.

Well, I'm tired now, and its time to dream.

Play Ball.