Saturday, January 05, 2008

Resolutions, Albeit a Few Days Late

Welcome to 2008.

I like the sound of it, and I also like the sound of "___________World Series Champions, 2008." If the two words, 'The" and "Mets" occupy the above phrase, it will be the most melodious sound of the year. If not, it will be, another year in Hades.

So, the baseball winter meetings came and went. For some sarcastic (READ: Accurate) reason, I feel there was nothing accomplished for the Mets, save for a few Marginal players. Again, I challenge the new chaps to the team to prove me wrong, but when Omar was there, he should have pulled the trigger -- however, the trigger in reality was that of a pop gun with a weak sticky at the end.

As far as Tom Glavine going back to the Braves. Yeah? So? I gave up on him being a Panacea and after last years game where he gave up 7 runs in the first inning, his best bet was to call J.D. Salinger, Thomas Pynchon and Osama bin Schmuck for a foursome card game. Glavine would be ridiculed beyond compare had he stayed in NY.

Also, I am glad the Guillermo Mota is gone too. Pack your bag (clear glassine, that is with whatever is in it) and enjoy Beer Town there Willie.

For 08, I want to see a little more strength all around in the pitching and hopefully a big name like Johan Santana. Who would I give up if I was Omar? Pelfrey would surely be in the cog of the equation.

I am also glad the Mets got rid of Lo Duca RIGHT before the steroid scandal. In the boroughs, he would get taunted.

Well, I'm tired now, and its time to dream.

Play Ball.

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