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The Met Most Likely To...(Courtesy of Dugout Central)

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The New York Met Most Likely To… in 2008
Published by Tom Swidorski on January 29, 2008 03:31 pm under Mets
I was on the Forum Message Board at the Pirates site at MLB.com and came across a post by jerkstore1 (yes, I kid you not – jerkstore1) entitled: “The Pittsburgh Pirate Most Likely To… in 2008.” Got me thinking about how this list would apply to the Mets. So thanks to jerkstore1 for this:

The New York Met Most Likely To… in 2008

  • Throw a clubhouse tantrum… Billy Wagner / Scott Schoenweiss
  • Repeat last years performance… Scott Schoenweis / Carlos Delgado (not predicting a good year)
  • Be booed… Carlos Delgado / Same
  • Lead the team in Home Runs… Carlos Beltran / David Wright
  • Be Mr. Consistent… David Wright / Same
  • Spend more than a month on the DL… Orlando Hernandez / Moises Alou / Jose Valentin
  • Suffer a season ending injury… Moises Alou / Same (he's powerful and makes in impact when he's not brittle)
  • Spend time on the New Orleans/NY shuttle… Angel Pagan / Anderson Hernandez
  • Have more playing time than expected… Ramon Castro / Endy Chavez
  • Lead the league in pinch hits… Marlin Anderson / Same
  • Have a stellar comeback season… Duaner Sanchez / Lord, do I hope!
  • Lead the team in blowing late inning leads… Aaron Heilman / Are you kidding? Schoenweis will get the nod here
  • Get injured during a post game, on-field celebration… Jose Reyes / Some relief pitcher TBD
  • Take his performance to the next level… John Maine / Same
  • Take a step back… Oliver Perez / Carlos Delgado
  • Become a team leader… Brian Schneider / TBD
  • Play more than 3 positions… Damion Easley / Same
  • Play all 3 outfield positions in one game… Ryan Church / Endy Chavez
  • Become a surprise member of the N.L. All-Star team… Pedro Martinez / Again, "Lord, do I hope!"
  • Be thankful he’s not in Minnesota… Luis Castillo / JOHAN SANTANA!!!!!!!
Now My Original

  • Most likely anti smoking commerical to be revised again? / The Spanish guy who said 'Nothing will ever the be the sane again, not even the simple things."

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