Sunday, February 03, 2008

If It's February, I Smell Baseball

This is a milestone post for me, my 100th...So, without further adieu...

I couldn't wait for the the clock to turn one second after 11:59:59 on January 31. Then, as anyone knows, it is February. For some, it's the second month. For me, it becomes time to get excited (can anyone NEVER be excited) about the upcoming baseball season.

Let me put it in a succinct perspective, February (Spring Training) to Baseball, is like Thursday for a college student (Pub night and the "start" of the weekend).

There are many reasons to get keyed up. I admit, a few posts back I was annoyed that there weren't any big triggers pulled at the Winter meetings.

But Omar Minaya is once again, a genius for waiting it out and bringing in another cannon-arm in Santana. Now that he passed his physical, we are all set for a nice 1-2-3-4-5 PUNCH in the pitching rotation.

So, this brings us to Spring Training, just about a fortnight away. (LORD, I always wanted to use that word, but never had the right timing or opportunity to do so). We've got to start the year off right. New players, new chemistry. We want Johan Santana to do well and be welcomed. I always fear a new player will get the Ed Whitson treatment. After all, the NY fans can be harsh.

But, the deal is fair and competitive. I am glad we were unable to complete the Barry Zito transaction. Johan has Luis Castillo here from the old neighborhood and this will surely help.

I am looking for some good efforts this year. Let's face it, a team like last years is still a playoff team and we must think that way for 08.

Tonight the Giants pulled off an "upset" in the Super Bowl. This is good momentum and inspiration for the Mets. It shows NY can beat a Boston team. Something that may be a foreshadowing of the 2008 World Series (and a rematch of 86 - with the same results).

Play Ball!


Anonymous said...

The Mets might have a chance at going to the WS is they can find a way to help Reyes and a couple more players breath during the month of September. In other words, stop the choking. Don't count out the Braves because Tommy G. is back. HA HA

Anonymous said...

I meant to say find a way to help Reyes and a few other players BREATHE