Sunday, May 31, 2009

F-Mart....Is He Nordstrom's Quality or Below K-Mart?

This post was in the Daily News Blogs....Before we begin, there are a lot of exciting young players and they must be brought up with the right seasoning, skill-wise and between the ears...

I hope Fernando Martinez makes it and gets the idea of hustle. When you are a fill-in, this is a good time for showcasing skills. When you think of it, EVERY ball player at one time or another is a fill in...So, good luck FM

Here's the insight from the NYDN:

Mets admit F-Mart needs work
May 31, 2009
The Mets acknowledge that Fernando Martinez is no finished product and that apparently extends to his outfield play, too. The uber-prospect needs some work as a fielder, according to Jerry Manuel, though Manuel said that's normal and that F-Mart has the potential to be a good outfielder. Here are a few of the manager's thoughts on Martinez's outfield play:

"I think as a young player, and I talked with Razor (Shines) about this, I think what we have to work with Fernando is running to a spot and then decelerating. It almost looks like he's kind of cruising and then accelerating. And maybe as he gets comfortable here in the ballpark and knows the intricacies of the ballpark, he might be able to do that. But it almost appears that he's running carefully rather than boom, making a burst to the ball and then kind of relaxing.

"As a 20-year-old guy that has played all the different positions but has not played in this type of setting, in this type of hype to a stadium, it's a little different. The wind plays different tricks on you, and so forth and so forth. But the good thing is as an outfielder, it looks as though he has soft hands. As an outfielder, it looks as though he's rhythmic in running to the ball.

"It appears as though he has a chance to be a good outfielder, but is he that right now? I would say no."

Manuel added that the Mets believe F-Mart will be a good major-league hitter, but there will be growing pains. "But obviously there's going to be a lot of things that he's going to be growing," Manuel said. "And a lot of that growth is going to be painful for us….I believe that he'll continue to get better on a daily basis, so hopefully we see that."

Saturday, May 30, 2009

If Anyone Sees The Mets REAL Line Up, Let Me Know....(It Can Probably Be Found on a Milk Carton

Taking a look at the Mets line-up today, I thought Bill Veeck was back pulling a trick.

To quote Jerry Seinfeld's alleged line, "Who Are These People?" is the best way to phrase it.

Ben Shpiegel sums it up from his New York Times article...

And Redding...ugh....what a bad outing. Soon, if this keeps up, he will be known more as a distant relative of Joyce Randolph than being a ball player.

Tidbits...A good friend of mine wrote to me..."hold up, is it just me, or is Omir Santos an updated (and clutch) version of Paul LoDuca?" and I replied...."Hopefully --- but only in the era where LoDuca was relevant. (Remember, they don't build em like Jerry Grote, Duffy Dyer or...**GULP** Choo Choo Coleman any more)."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Is Baseball a Funny Game? YEAH. When a 40YO Steals a Base...

....and it is the catalyst to a win.

And, the other conundrum, the Mets regular (maybe not anymore) catcher, Brian Schneider is due back tomorrow and Omir Santos does it again.

I like this kid. Good attitude and his post game comments weren't all about bravado and slugging, but rather contribution to the team. "Putting the ball in play" was his mantra.

It seems as the come from behind wins are the gas and fire the Mets need. Marlins are always pesky - no matter how good or bad they are on paper. This time, we burned the paper.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

RANDOM MET -- The Stork - George Theodore

Day off...time to pay homage to a legendary Met...a true character - the one, the only - THE STORK.

George Basil Theodore (born November 13, 1947 in Salt Lake City, Utah) is a retired Major League Baseball player. Nicknamed "The Stork," Theodore played outfield for the New York Mets in 1973 and 1974. He is probably best remembered for a brutal outfield collision with Don Hahn in a game against the Atlanta Braves at Shea Stadium in 1973, in which Theodore fractured his hip.

He is also remembered for his offbeat personality and idiosyncratic interviews. For example, on Kiner's Korner he once remarked, "I've been trying transcendental meditation, and that helps me be passive and wait on the curve. I've got to find something else to hit the slider."
Today, Theodore serves as a youth baseball coach and gives counsel to elementary school students.

On September 28, 2008, Theodore returned to Shea Stadium for the stadium's closing ceremony.

Career Stats Played in a Mere 105 games....2 HR....seemed like more....How great is this world? I mean, the guy had a signed ball on eBay for $15

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Oughta Be In Pictures....(Or At Least HR Reviews)

How BizAAAR. Remember those lyrics in a song a few years ago? That's what it is coming down to with the Mets. They are getting the breaks with the videos...when they are on the offensive, they have gotten the HR call. The opposition, flagged. (no downside!).

Tonight was another example. Daniel Murphy who was riding the slump pony got a good shot off in the RF porch -- or did he? He did!

Nice sweep of the Nats.

I am wondering, will there be a category for Most HRs Via Replay for a player?

I'm in the bottom of the 14th here spirit-wise - a shade tired. So, I'm going to my own video review room and catch a few dreams (World Series 2009---AND Beyond).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Livan, Livan Likes Complete Games....

About time the Mets (or any team these days) had a complete game. According to a graphic, this was the first one since Johan Santana's gem on Sept. 27, 2008 - the day before Shea gave its finale.

I only saw the last inning or so on TV and heard a bit of the early game on the radio. I wanted to see the long awaited debut of Fernando Martinez (0-3).

The line-up shuffle is odd, but they are winning. Now with Reyes and Church hobbled, Manuel has to make a five course dinner out of eggs, flour, a tea spoon of oil and water. Mix. Bake. Set. Win.

Left me back pedal for a second on complete games...How rare are they? Well, Cy Young pitched 749 of em. Modern and career of active players, Randy Johnson has 100. (2 in 2008, 2 in 2006). Here's the list of active players and complete games. only need "4" to get on it....Livan is 5th now with 35.

Send those get well cards to Ryan and Jose.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Walk(s) Right In, Set Right Down....

(Song from the 70s I believe...too late in the evening for me to recall who sang it)...

But tonight's game against the Nationals slinged along at a slug's velocity (that is also a subtle slam against something, but more on that offline).

16 Walks - generated by 321 pitches. Sheer monotony - against the worst team in the MLB.

Glad for the win, but something like this should have been easier. J J Putz almost sent many to the dictionary to prove that his current alleged last name is NOT pronounced "pootz."

A sweep is mandatory. You heard it here, now follow it at Citifield.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It Takes Different Stokes (Brian) (to RUIN the World)

Who the hell is Brian Stokes and what is he doing in my salad?

He has not been effective of late and today, gives up 5 runs in 1.1 innings.

Mr. Manuel, if I were to greet you on the street today after that decision, I would same it with the same tone, cadence and timbre that Newman does when he greets Signore Seinfeld.

A word of advice, Willie always went to Guillermo Mota as his "boy"...Find another on this staff and send Stokes to bail out Heilman -- wherever he is!

Short. Spicy and Sour today.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mir Omir - Or On The Wall...Who Hit a FAIR, Homerun Ball?

When you are scraping for a topic and a third string catcher hits a dramatic homerun, don't look anywhere else.

I thought the Mets were going to let this one get away with a skinny 2-1 score. Then, BAM! Omir Santos hits a rocket that HE knew was gone when it left the bat. Where did it land/bounce? Off the red strip in the outfield. Video review - Joe West comes out, circles his index finger in the air. We are ahead.

Check out the box score...Papelbon takes home an L....Feliciano gets the W at somewhat Pelfrey's expense.

The bottom line is the Metropolitans have 2 of 2 so far and one more to go.

Muses...Big Papi hasn't been able to connect much of late and is getting a reputation for leaving men on base...Perhaps "big crappy" is more apt.

OK...I'm personally pumped for a revenge sweep.

I'll be frank here, Ramon Martinez has made me cringe every time he touches the ball and every time he steps to the plate. That last out seemed to take forever and I was following the trajectory of the hit Murphy's glove.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wikked - We Beat the Sawx (Hearken Back to '86)

Like Gaul, this blog post will be divided in 3 parts...As far as drawing sequiturs between them, that's up to you -- I ain't the brains of this outfit - you are! (That's why you read UltiMETFan1969 with wreckless abandon).

So, first of all, I am not a fan of the Red Sox. Only players I really admired were Ted Williams and Carl Yaz (who was a relative of a late friend of mine, BJMZ). Tonight's victory was a symbol of a long rivalry and a triumph for all mankind. Going back to (I think) '06, the Sox swept the Mets in three. I still have not forgiven that!

Interesting stats...coming into this game, the Mets had ZERO Home runs on the road trip. That's hard to believe. HR's don't WIN games, but they are a catalyst...How are we going to fill the missing folks..Reyes out, Church looks like he may be out a day or two...and, Ramon Martinez? Puh-leeese...

Now the third you know a good friend of mine, ML was a Mets fan in the Casey Stengel era. He and I have an instant message conversation maybe a few times a week relating to our fave team. Today, he sent me an interesting email, which he has allowed me to post...check it out....

If I could live through 40-120 I can certainly live through being a measly game and a half out of first place in May, after sleep-walking on the west coast.

Here is exactly what happens:

Murphy gets a glove from Wilson and learns to enjoy taking infield practice again. Amazingly, he snaps out of his slump.

Luis Castillo continues at a .280 clip and is solid as the two hitter. Jose Reyes returns in June, takes a minute, then gets hot as a firecracker in July, bouncing triples off the crazy angles at Gil Hodges/ Choo Choo Coleman Field

David Wright is David Wright. He and Shef become the clubhouse leaders. Remember the hug after home run 400? That was significant.

Carlos Delgado rests.Carlos Beltran never runs into another error where the ball drops in his area.

Ryan Church never misses another base and Angel Pagan is a better hitter than people give him credit.

Oliver Perez and Brian Schneider are traded to the Texas Rangers for an insurance infielder.

Sean Greene will be Fed Ex'ed to AAA Buffalo in early July and Dillon Gee gets his minutes.

Putz and KRod do their thing. By September 3rd, Billy Wagner is pleasantly effective as a middle relief man, augmenting Pedro Feliciano from the left hand side.

The Phillies lead the division by 9.5 games in early September. The Mets, channeling 1969, catch fire and catch them at the wire... in truly amazing fashion, in a pennant drive for the ages, forty years after catching and passing the Chicago Cubs.

Jerry Manuel is suddenly a genius.

You heard it here first.

So, wisdom of many! Let's go Mets!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uh...Murphy CAN Play First...Excuse Me While I Wipe The Egg Off My Face

Short post...

Murph looked like he handled himself well at 1B last night...did some good fielding and the double play was exemplary.

Let them play! Let them Play! (forgot what movie that was from) but the thought carries over for #28.

Big series against the Red Sox tomorrow. Don't crank me up on Interleague play...NOT a fan.

We'll catch you on Friday and hope Santana can Sock the Sawx.

POST SCRIPTS --- My good friend, ML who was cited here a few times had another gem of wisdom combined with philosophy: As the Mets are going through a rough patch (only one game out of first DESPITE all the drama) this is May. The baseball season is a marathon, not a sprint. Stop with the cheap finger pointing at Omar Minaya unless you want to give back Johan Santana and Francisco Rodriguez.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

(_________) Doesn't Know Their Ass From First Base

I didn't intend for the bracket and the underline to be an "ass," but it sets up the post I have for tonight.

Based on the press, the fans, the banter, Carlos Delgado's career at first, as a Met, is, essentially, being garnished with a toe-tag. In this not so humble blogger's opinion, I think he will come back later this season, but that will be the swansong.

As I hinted a few days ago - OK, knowing me, it's not a hint, I parade around and make my opinion known - the Mets are going to more than likely seek outside help. John Heyman addressed this today in his article. Dear readers from the other day (here's hoping long term memory triumphs your short term) will remember that I cited a possible candidate as Aubrey Huff? (You ignored it here first!). On WFAN, Steve Sommers also likes Huff.

Today, Jerry Manuel said that Daniel Murphy will get the starts through the series with the Red Sox. His fielding is suspect - needs to learn a bit more of the fundamentals. Easy for me to say and you to agree...where are OUR contracts? But I think we need to give Murph an opportunity. He's patient at the plate - a key attribute.

So, will Murphy survive the experiment? Will Tatis take it? Will Delgado come back and have a great rest of '09 and play into to 2010? Is Nick Johnson? Aubrey Huff? The Professor and Mary Ann? the next ones? You, Omar, Jerry and The Wilpons know about as much as I...Is that my ass or is that first base? Its first? OH, whose going to be on First?

Sorry Bud. Sorry Lou...didn't mean to go there.

I am hearing grunts from the followers of this blog, so I will kindly depart.

See ya tomorrow. Comments welcome.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Missed Base Debacle...

In my lifetime I have seen many key sporting events, in person, on TV and always reveled in being there. Taking home a memory (a la Robin Ventura's grand slam single) is something cherished.

However, the Man Upstairs knows how much of a devout Mets fan I am and spared me the pains of the 5 error, Ryan Church mis-step. Only saw the first two or three innings before the sandman tossed his weapon.

When I heard about the sloppiness, I was beside myself. But, listening to Jerry Manuel on today's pregame broadcast on WFAN, he said the team was mad at themselves and showed how they want to win. OK, let's use this game as a catalyst.

The lineup last night resembled a shell of the regulars...But, a team of 9 on any given day...

Aw right, the Mets are on TV now...let me go to Church (and tell him to hit the bases).

Monday, May 18, 2009

WOLF in Sheep's Clothing

The game is about to start in a few minutes, so I may dash out of here before you read the next sen.....

(fooled ya) tence.

But one of the oddest pitchers (to me, that is) is facing the Mets - Randy Wolf. On paper, he has some great days - lot of strikeouts. But often erratic. The prognostication I have is that we will be seeing some interesting pitching and a mix of pitches, especially against a lineup that is, in essence, going into the Roman, er Los Angeles Coliseum (well, Dodger Stadium, but you get the drift).

Too many regular Mets are out. If a Martian landed and saw no Reyes, no Delgado, no Schneider and now, oddly, no Cora, he would be perplexed.

So, with the balance of the line up a bit influx, I think Wolf will get a lot of Ks, but the Mets will be gritty.

One thing I wanted to run by all you reader(s)* -- hoping it is plural -- is that every year, early on, the Mets have had some nice numbers from unheralded players. In '07, Jose Valentin, in '08, Angel Pagan and this year, Fernando Tatis. (Yeah, I'm a FernANdo).

First pitch is about to be thrown -- and so is your first tomato at me....I'll see ya later.

Let's Go Mets!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Irony, huh? About 12 months ago, Carlos Delgado was all set to be hanged by a posse of Mets fans who were fed up with his inability to put a Louisville Slugger against a ball being tossed 726 inches away.

Fast forward a bit - he broke out of the slump and became somewhat iconic in the last season at Shea. Now his hip is bugging him and who knows when he will be back. Sounded like Jerry Manuel wasn't too optimistic this year (based on an soundbyte I heard on WFAN). And, listening to the ESPN game tonight, John Miller was asking Manuel who the true leader on the team was and the first name he mentioned? Carlos Delgado.

Reyes is out. His replacement in tonight's game, Cora, is out and Tatis is playing short...there's a guy who I think is a quiet leader (and he doesn't know it). I love how Tatis plays his heart out.

Carlos D, we hope you get better and come back soon. In the mean time Daniel Murphy, Gary Sheffield and Tatis are sure to see more playing time.

OH, and to the boobs (too many to count) who were calling WFAN today (I was listening while out running errands - don't think I am glued to it all day)...asking for Reyes to be traded, give it a break.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweeping Giants

Three down and four to go.

What has been remarkable about this series is...NO home runs for the Mets and over a dozen stolen bases -without - their prolific man on the bases Jose Reyes.

Personally, I love Jose, but as of late, he needs to be smacked around a bit and get the hustle and the guts back. This hopefully sends a message to our venerated shortstop that its time to run things out...

Amazing how the Mets took apart Lincecum and Randy Johnson, both dominating pitchers. Randy a way bit less than his salad years, but still intimidating. One more game tomorrow. Let's see what the team can do.

Here's an article I found mentions Oliver something...oh, Perez.... Brian Costa's article the Star Ledger today...Ollie allowed NO hits....interesting. I would love to see who was batting.

Is it me? *YES* - or has there been way too many delayed games this week?

And, the saga of the journeyman (save for the taxi ride) Duaner Sanchez continues...the Padres are looking to give him his unconditional release. That's fare...oops. I didn't think he would meter....I mean, meet her. Bad taxi jokes. End of blog post. Thanks for surviving this.

Friday, May 15, 2009

That's All (W)Right Mama...

Ben Shpigel's New York Times article chronicles the hustle that David Wright had last night in the game against the Giants. I'm sort of kicking myself because I was offered Wright and Delgado in a trade in my primary fantasy league - for Tim Lincecum and Juan Pierre (I need the steals from Pierre -- IRONICALLY) and turned it down.

Henceforth, the Mets took the game. I watched the first two innings or so and thought it was going to be a barn burner and thought the Mets were going to get stung. Glad I was wrong.

Rule right now is you can't take any team for granted. Each win is important, but as a friend pointed out to me, the NY beat writers reek doom and gloom with every loss and pick it apart like a vulture. It's OK to analyze, but then move on.

So, with the West Coast trip hitting game #2 tonight, I am optimistic that we will shorten the giants.

And, #5, it's OK to steal more...And, if Elvis Presley were alive (OK, he is - he's a postman in Ontario) he would turn to his beloved mother and say after each of your steals - That's ALLLLLL Wright, Mama. SONG

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ward or Dugout?

Seems like there are some hurtin' bods in Queens (and now on the West Coast)...Delgado's hip, now Putz's elbow and Reyes too is getting sore.

Too many integral guys getting aches at the wrong time - and the time zone change doesn't help much - that's for sure. The Mets need to realize the team doesn't revolve around 1 injury and must cover for it.

I just turned on the SF - Mets game and what astonishes me is how many empty seats there are. A downright crime.

My good friend and Mets fan from the Casey Stengel days (ML) just IMed me with a nice nugget of wisdom...I agree...he states: "... nice challenge move to bat Sheffield in the 4 spot. Manuel sends a dual message of respect to a vet, and simultaneously challenges him to produce."

I like ML's viewpoint. SF is soft target, and after the first AB it produced a dividend - a hit and an RBI

In other areas....Maybe this guy can teach some of the Mets how to run out hits.... Streaker (Jose Reyes, I hope you are reading this...I LOVE ya, but you gotta learn to hustle a bit more...Willie R is gone...Jerry M is the man now).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Niese - NoPhew

Yeah. The title is corny.

But, I was sitting out in the sun today (AT THE GAME) so I am entitled to be a bit sun stroked while stroking the keyboard.

First, I want to thank my friends (alphabetically by height - Thanks Yogi) BB, LG, RM for accompanying me to the game today. We all are PR pros and had a blast.

The attendance today, according to the box score was 40,555 - and I think that almost everyone who showed up today got a chance to pitch (No, not PR-wise). The Braves used 8 hurlers and so did the Mets. Jonathan Niese looked OK and was able to regain a lead after his early surrendering of runs.

The jury (mine) is still out on him. Though I heard after the game he was sent to the minors and Nelson Figueroa was called back up.

Overall, it was an enjoyable game. Tenacity is back in the Mets DNA.

Sheff was both a hero (*homer*) and goat (*last strike out*).

Not worried about the win, but tomorrow's game should prove interesting as they head west. Let's see what the time zone shift brings.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Magic Is Back

Doing a little research, I came across a tagline the Mets used probably in the mid 80s - "The Magic Is Back" and, anyone who saw tonight's game would agree. A lot of wheels in motion - runners going, extra bases being taken (Jose - some may boo you for trying to take third - I applaud it as it brought it two runs).

Who would have thought that....1) The Mets are now in First.....2) Tonight's winning run would be by a BB and 3) Frankie Rod would go two innings -- (Disclosure here...I get batty when announcers proclaim that a closer pitches 4 outs or goes beyond one inning...have em look up Rollie Fingers and see what a real reliever did).

Starting pitching is threatening and looks like its going to be a petrified line-up. I am going to quote a friend of mine here, ML who is a die hard Mets fan from day one (yeah, THAT day one - Polo Grounds, Casey Stengel, Choo Choo Coleman days)...he lives in Atlanta this was a solid W in his eyes as we chatted tonight...ML stated that he believes Oliver Perez should look up a realtor in Port St. Lucie. For those who can't pronounce the aforementioned town, just say "Single A."

Tomorrow I am taking the afternoon off and going to CitiField with three friends and cheering on the Metropolitans.

Monday, May 11, 2009

How Bout Scorin' Some Runs When Johan Pitches

It perplexes me how the Mets bats fall asleep when Johan Santana pitches. I'm writing this in the top of the 7th and the score is 1-1.

Odd phenomenon if I do say so.

Metsies, we all are in awe of #57, but lets shake up the bats a bit.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Manuel is in Autodrive

Short note tonight...

I am happy with Jerry Manuel and the way he is managing. He's doing things right *Wright* and the momentum, is there.

Take a moment and think of the precarious position he is in. I liken him a bit to Gerald Ford who took the reins of the Presidency when Nixon resigned. Manuel was there, named as head skipper and made the team better (I love Willie, but the guys win for Manuel).

Interesting day tomorrow...only one of 4 games on the docket, this one against the pesky Braves.
(Psssssst. I hope Glavine isn't traveling with them as he is on the DL).

Saturday, May 09, 2009

6Ws - STR8

Short note.

I want to thank the hotel clerk who gave the Mets a wake-up call (figuratively speaking, of course).

Seems like we got the old spirit back. And that's what makes being a Mets fan so great.

I thought of something today, looking at the future. Carlos Delgado probably has one, maybe two years after this season. At 38, he is plateauing. A guy that should get a serious look is Aubrey Huff. I like his numbers. Aubrey Huff stats He can play 1B, 3B and has been a DH.

OK, you heard the prognostication here first.

Friday, May 08, 2009

5 Straight - Showing Resillience!

OK...I was a bit skeptical a few posts back thinking the Mets would be drifting downward and the spiral would continue.

The last 5 games have shown they are tough...

Murphy is batting around .388 with a two strike count...Delgado has been hot (tonight was the first time I saw him writing in his book again)...Also Kudos to Carlos as he passed Mickey Mantle on the career RBI List...that's not saying he's better than Mantle (Jeff Kent has more RBI).

I was amazed how Nyjer Morgan continued to work the pitchers....something like 8, 9 and 10 pitches per AB. Take note Mets.

Niese pitched well in my view and a few more starts, he could be either good or.....

So, it proves the team has got the fire in the belly. They came back against good and bad teams with OOOMPH!

I can't wait until Wednesday, May to a day game!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


4 Wins in a row. Nice. Especially taking the Phillies in close ones.

Two things bugged me about the game - the way Shane Victorino was NOT called out on interference and -- I had to look twice. Jose Reyes' numbers. When I saw 2HR and 9RBI --- .248why, I was taken aback. What's scary is pinch hitter Matt Stairs (at 41 years old) has the same numbers. I'm afraid to look, but Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano (dynamite with the wood) probably has a higher batting average.

And, K-Rod - four straight saves....He's paying dividends.

For the diehards who want to look at the Box Score...

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

3 In A Row (W's) - Where's the Run Support for Santana

It is a rule (no such thing) that when Santana pitches, no one bats -- on either side. Today he squeaked by in a gem - 1-0 over the Phillies. (Incidentally, the Phils are the first team this year to score 0-to-13 runs. Don't think of me as a stats genius. I know this for a fact since I was in a 13-0 pool and it concluded last night).

So, Johan is 4-1 with an ERA thinner than Bobby Sands' final weight. Like the economy, this team will turn around. The new park, the new rotation - we are NOT completely out of it yet. There are up streaks and down streaks.

A very good friend just IMed me and shared that Ollie is on the DL for tendinitis in his knee: I think one of my Italian brethren got to him and bopped his knees. So, our go to guy is Jonathan Niese...let's see.

That same friend seems to be abuzz on reports he heard about Dillon Gee. I have not seen Gee pitch, but, hope he's going to be great. I mean, you can't deny calling an Ace Pitcher - Gee Whiz.

While we are on semi (maybe BAD? pun nicknames) check out the Rockies Dexter Fowler. After he stole 5 bags last week, the name "Fowler the Prowler" came to mind...come to think of it, the Mets need to be running the bags more....

Since we are going in a positive direction in mini series (2 games)...Here's to a sweep tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Never Assume A "W" When Running an Errand

Needed to make a last minute dash to the supermarket as the Mets were concluding their game against the Braves. As soon as I parked, the announcer said that K-Rod was just one strike away. Figuring the game was in the bag, I shut the car off, went into the store and expected the wrap-up to be on when I got back five minutes later.

Fast Forward Five Minutes. Turn on the ignition and the radio "boots up" and the first thing I hear is the Mets are now leading 4-3...wait..wasn't it 4-1 a few minutes ago? Chipper gets up - pins and needles...then flies out.

A mini sweep over the Braves, but it was a mental see-saw....

If Ollie was pitching....AH, I rather have a nightmare with Boris Karloff in it..less gruesome.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Suddenly It's 2005 and 2006 (The Good TIMES)

Wright belts one from a powerful swing and Beltran sends two, 2-run HRs to beat the Braves.

Funny how time is relative. In '05 and '06 and bits of '07 and '08 (the early parts, mind you), this was routine.

For those who watched the game, the phrase "decisive" was apropos.

Oddities ...So, we have a 40 year old "rookie" (make that quotes around the quotes too) in Ken Takahashi, AND simultaneously, we are still trying to figure out what to do with Oliver Perez.

My take for the Perez situation? Strap him to a chair and make him sit through Ice Capades ad infinitum. He will get the drift of what we had to see for many years...torture!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Reflective Look Back - The Mets Had Their OWN Version of the Three Stooges...

When World War I and World War II were going on respectively, the public at large did not refer to them by this name - mainly because it was coined afterward. I don't know if this lead in will exonerate me for the rationale of this post, but last season (as confirmed by yesterday's pitching debacle by Ollie Perez) the Metropolitans had their own version of the Three Stooges.

With all due respect to that trio of men, the old fashion version was more ept (is that the opposite of inept?) than the squad about to be mentioned.

SCHMOE - Scott SCHMOenweiss...His record and ability to give up long home runs - or runs in general to get a lead were legendary.

Larry - and in Aaron Heilman. See above.

Curly - (Rhymes with Ollie)... Anyone who can walk a 46 year old pitcher...ah, let's stop right there.

Footnote, as a die-hard fan, let's keep this with these three. No need for a Shemp, Joe or Curly Joe.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stick To It! (Good Job)

Short post tonight...

Kudos to the Mets for staying close (albeit a loss), but sometimes its better to lose and show a lot of hustle and the ability to come back than it is for a lopsided W.

See, Mets, you were playing like the Phils. A cavalry charge from behind.

Perez - well, he's terrible. As far as I'm concerned, send Ollie and NJ Governor Jon Corzine on a one-way trip into the solar system...Who cares about the trajectory? Ollie doesn't on the mound, why should he while hurtling through space. A minor league park and a leaky school bus should be his regimen.

Tomorrow is your game.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Pitchers Can Be Funny

Phills. Good!

The things that resonated in tonight's game were related to pitching -- or were they?

Chan Ho Park, who I saw pitch in his only Mets game about two years ago (and had high seats in the upper deck at Shea - talk about double value) was lifted AFTER he intentionally walked a batter and had to face the pitcher next...AND, Charlie Manuel gave him the hook. What happened next? DrumRoll...Drama...

Pelfrey singled in a run.

I also got a chuckle when, as SNY-TV put it, a "left hander specialist" (Pedro Feliciano) got to bat. And, got to the bag ninety feet away via base on balls.

End result? Mets hold on to a victory.

Here's the box score....