Friday, May 15, 2009

That's All (W)Right Mama...

Ben Shpigel's New York Times article chronicles the hustle that David Wright had last night in the game against the Giants. I'm sort of kicking myself because I was offered Wright and Delgado in a trade in my primary fantasy league - for Tim Lincecum and Juan Pierre (I need the steals from Pierre -- IRONICALLY) and turned it down.

Henceforth, the Mets took the game. I watched the first two innings or so and thought it was going to be a barn burner and thought the Mets were going to get stung. Glad I was wrong.

Rule right now is you can't take any team for granted. Each win is important, but as a friend pointed out to me, the NY beat writers reek doom and gloom with every loss and pick it apart like a vulture. It's OK to analyze, but then move on.

So, with the West Coast trip hitting game #2 tonight, I am optimistic that we will shorten the giants.

And, #5, it's OK to steal more...And, if Elvis Presley were alive (OK, he is - he's a postman in Ontario) he would turn to his beloved mother and say after each of your steals - That's ALLLLLL Wright, Mama. SONG

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