Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sweeping Giants

Three down and four to go.

What has been remarkable about this series is...NO home runs for the Mets and over a dozen stolen bases -without - their prolific man on the bases Jose Reyes.

Personally, I love Jose, but as of late, he needs to be smacked around a bit and get the hustle and the guts back. This hopefully sends a message to our venerated shortstop that its time to run things out...

Amazing how the Mets took apart Lincecum and Randy Johnson, both dominating pitchers. Randy a way bit less than his salad years, but still intimidating. One more game tomorrow. Let's see what the team can do.

Here's an article I found mentions Oliver something...oh, Perez.... Brian Costa's article the Star Ledger today...Ollie allowed NO hits....interesting. I would love to see who was batting.

Is it me? *YES* - or has there been way too many delayed games this week?

And, the saga of the journeyman (save for the taxi ride) Duaner Sanchez continues...the Padres are looking to give him his unconditional release. That's fare...oops. I didn't think he would meter....I mean, meet her. Bad taxi jokes. End of blog post. Thanks for surviving this.

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