Wednesday, May 20, 2009

(_________) Doesn't Know Their Ass From First Base

I didn't intend for the bracket and the underline to be an "ass," but it sets up the post I have for tonight.

Based on the press, the fans, the banter, Carlos Delgado's career at first, as a Met, is, essentially, being garnished with a toe-tag. In this not so humble blogger's opinion, I think he will come back later this season, but that will be the swansong.

As I hinted a few days ago - OK, knowing me, it's not a hint, I parade around and make my opinion known - the Mets are going to more than likely seek outside help. John Heyman addressed this today in his article. Dear readers from the other day (here's hoping long term memory triumphs your short term) will remember that I cited a possible candidate as Aubrey Huff? (You ignored it here first!). On WFAN, Steve Sommers also likes Huff.

Today, Jerry Manuel said that Daniel Murphy will get the starts through the series with the Red Sox. His fielding is suspect - needs to learn a bit more of the fundamentals. Easy for me to say and you to agree...where are OUR contracts? But I think we need to give Murph an opportunity. He's patient at the plate - a key attribute.

So, will Murphy survive the experiment? Will Tatis take it? Will Delgado come back and have a great rest of '09 and play into to 2010? Is Nick Johnson? Aubrey Huff? The Professor and Mary Ann? the next ones? You, Omar, Jerry and The Wilpons know about as much as I...Is that my ass or is that first base? Its first? OH, whose going to be on First?

Sorry Bud. Sorry Lou...didn't mean to go there.

I am hearing grunts from the followers of this blog, so I will kindly depart.

See ya tomorrow. Comments welcome.

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