Sunday, May 17, 2009


Irony, huh? About 12 months ago, Carlos Delgado was all set to be hanged by a posse of Mets fans who were fed up with his inability to put a Louisville Slugger against a ball being tossed 726 inches away.

Fast forward a bit - he broke out of the slump and became somewhat iconic in the last season at Shea. Now his hip is bugging him and who knows when he will be back. Sounded like Jerry Manuel wasn't too optimistic this year (based on an soundbyte I heard on WFAN). And, listening to the ESPN game tonight, John Miller was asking Manuel who the true leader on the team was and the first name he mentioned? Carlos Delgado.

Reyes is out. His replacement in tonight's game, Cora, is out and Tatis is playing short...there's a guy who I think is a quiet leader (and he doesn't know it). I love how Tatis plays his heart out.

Carlos D, we hope you get better and come back soon. In the mean time Daniel Murphy, Gary Sheffield and Tatis are sure to see more playing time.

OH, and to the boobs (too many to count) who were calling WFAN today (I was listening while out running errands - don't think I am glued to it all day)...asking for Reyes to be traded, give it a break.

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