Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Never Assume A "W" When Running an Errand

Needed to make a last minute dash to the supermarket as the Mets were concluding their game against the Braves. As soon as I parked, the announcer said that K-Rod was just one strike away. Figuring the game was in the bag, I shut the car off, went into the store and expected the wrap-up to be on when I got back five minutes later.

Fast Forward Five Minutes. Turn on the ignition and the radio "boots up" and the first thing I hear is the Mets are now leading 4-3...wait..wasn't it 4-1 a few minutes ago? Chipper gets up - pins and needles...then flies out.

A mini sweep over the Braves, but it was a mental see-saw....

If Ollie was pitching....AH, I rather have a nightmare with Boris Karloff in it..less gruesome.

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