Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You Oughta Be In Pictures....(Or At Least HR Reviews)

How BizAAAR. Remember those lyrics in a song a few years ago? That's what it is coming down to with the Mets. They are getting the breaks with the videos...when they are on the offensive, they have gotten the HR call. The opposition, flagged. (no downside!).

Tonight was another example. Daniel Murphy who was riding the slump pony got a good shot off in the RF porch -- or did he? He did!

Nice sweep of the Nats.

I am wondering, will there be a category for Most HRs Via Replay for a player?

I'm in the bottom of the 14th here spirit-wise - a shade tired. So, I'm going to my own video review room and catch a few dreams (World Series 2009---AND Beyond).

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