Sunday, May 03, 2009

Reflective Look Back - The Mets Had Their OWN Version of the Three Stooges...

When World War I and World War II were going on respectively, the public at large did not refer to them by this name - mainly because it was coined afterward. I don't know if this lead in will exonerate me for the rationale of this post, but last season (as confirmed by yesterday's pitching debacle by Ollie Perez) the Metropolitans had their own version of the Three Stooges.

With all due respect to that trio of men, the old fashion version was more ept (is that the opposite of inept?) than the squad about to be mentioned.

SCHMOE - Scott SCHMOenweiss...His record and ability to give up long home runs - or runs in general to get a lead were legendary.

Larry - and in Aaron Heilman. See above.

Curly - (Rhymes with Ollie)... Anyone who can walk a 46 year old pitcher...ah, let's stop right there.

Footnote, as a die-hard fan, let's keep this with these three. No need for a Shemp, Joe or Curly Joe.

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