Friday, May 08, 2009

5 Straight - Showing Resillience!

OK...I was a bit skeptical a few posts back thinking the Mets would be drifting downward and the spiral would continue.

The last 5 games have shown they are tough...

Murphy is batting around .388 with a two strike count...Delgado has been hot (tonight was the first time I saw him writing in his book again)...Also Kudos to Carlos as he passed Mickey Mantle on the career RBI List...that's not saying he's better than Mantle (Jeff Kent has more RBI).

I was amazed how Nyjer Morgan continued to work the pitchers....something like 8, 9 and 10 pitches per AB. Take note Mets.

Niese pitched well in my view and a few more starts, he could be either good or.....

So, it proves the team has got the fire in the belly. They came back against good and bad teams with OOOMPH!

I can't wait until Wednesday, May to a day game!

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