Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mir Omir - Or On The Wall...Who Hit a FAIR, Homerun Ball?

When you are scraping for a topic and a third string catcher hits a dramatic homerun, don't look anywhere else.

I thought the Mets were going to let this one get away with a skinny 2-1 score. Then, BAM! Omir Santos hits a rocket that HE knew was gone when it left the bat. Where did it land/bounce? Off the red strip in the outfield. Video review - Joe West comes out, circles his index finger in the air. We are ahead.

Check out the box score...Papelbon takes home an L....Feliciano gets the W at somewhat Pelfrey's expense.

The bottom line is the Metropolitans have 2 of 2 so far and one more to go.

Muses...Big Papi hasn't been able to connect much of late and is getting a reputation for leaving men on base...Perhaps "big crappy" is more apt.

OK...I'm personally pumped for a revenge sweep.

I'll be frank here, Ramon Martinez has made me cringe every time he touches the ball and every time he steps to the plate. That last out seemed to take forever and I was following the trajectory of the hit Murphy's glove.

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