Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Niese - NoPhew

Yeah. The title is corny.

But, I was sitting out in the sun today (AT THE GAME) so I am entitled to be a bit sun stroked while stroking the keyboard.

First, I want to thank my friends (alphabetically by height - Thanks Yogi) BB, LG, RM for accompanying me to the game today. We all are PR pros and had a blast.

The attendance today, according to the box score was 40,555 - and I think that almost everyone who showed up today got a chance to pitch (No, not PR-wise). The Braves used 8 hurlers and so did the Mets. Jonathan Niese looked OK and was able to regain a lead after his early surrendering of runs.

The jury (mine) is still out on him. Though I heard after the game he was sent to the minors and Nelson Figueroa was called back up.

Overall, it was an enjoyable game. Tenacity is back in the Mets DNA.

Sheff was both a hero (*homer*) and goat (*last strike out*).

Not worried about the win, but tomorrow's game should prove interesting as they head west. Let's see what the time zone shift brings.

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Anonymous said...

What no invite?! (MC)

And I still don't trust this team. How can they give no support to their best pitcher? This shows me they are an up and down team who can turn it on when needed, but are nor consistent.